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(Click on slideshow above) Students, faculty having fun trying to identify photos

September 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered what Mrs. Shannon Boswell, Dr. Frank Katz and Mrs. Millie Jones looked like as children?

How about Mr. Griff Etheridge and Mr. Andy Lawson? (Come to think of it, had cameras been invented?)

Photographs of Stratford’s faculty from their more youthful days have been placed on the bulletin board in the lunchroom.

Students and faculty  wishing to participate in the contest to name them can scan the QR code or click on this link.  

The winner will receive a gift certificate.

“The preschool had done this a few years ago, and we were talking about little things we could do that were morale boosters and fun both for students and teachers,’’ said Upper School Principal Mrs. Margaret Brogden. “That sounded like a fun activity to get students and teachers involved together.’’

With the help of Mrs. Rachel Chabot, Mrs. Brogden was able to create an on-line ballot with the teachers’ names and numbers 1-48.

Mrs. Brogdon said even though Upper School students see the teachers every day, the Middle Schoolers may be able to see something in the photos that the Upper Schoolers do not.

Each student or teacher gets one vote. It is not against the rules to go on the Internet and do some research.

“There were really no prohibitions, except asking teachers to come identify themselves, which is not entirely fair,’’ said Mrs. Brogdon. “If you think you can find baby pictures of somebody floating out there, I guess that would be allowed. I guess that would be hard work that would yield positive results.’’

She said teachers can participate, although some of faculty, including herself and Mrs. Chabot, will exclude themselves.

“I can’t play because they brought the pictures to me,’’ she said. “Mrs. Chabot can’t play because she scanned them in and made the little app for us to vote. But everyone else can play. And I will tell you even though those pictures came into my office a lot of them I would have never known, and I can’t even remember some of them. But I did see. Some of them don’t even look like the people they grew to be.’’

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