Wrappin’ Robin

Popular FLIK worker Robin Emory well-known for her wraps, sandwiches and smiles

September 29, 2017

Robin Emory has made thousands of her famous wraps and sandwiches for Stratford students over the last dozen years.

She took the job not expecting to stay long enough to learn people’s names and faces.

“It’s funny because this was supposed to be a temporary job,  but I just stuck to it,” she said.

Ms. Robin once worked at a gym, but we all know how that story ends.

“I was supposed to be a personal trainer but it got boring,’’ she said.

Her favorite part about this job is the students.

“When they come in and maybe they want something specific or maybe they have an allergy or they’re intolerant, I get to help them and I love that,’’ she said.

“She is different from the staff because she takes the time to help students with allergies or if they are intolerant,’’ Chef Josh Roberts said. “She is an amazing hard worker, and the staff and I admire that.”

Her most popular sandwich/wrap is anything with buffalo chicken.

“I make the buffalo chicken and when students see it, they go crazy,’’ she said.

She is known for making signature sandwiches for students and faculty members.

Josh Davis, who graduated last spring, said Robin would make him his specialty sandwich, which includes turkey, cheese, pepperoni, and lettuce on the grill.

Mr. Travis Morrison, an eighth-grade history teacher, has his own specialty sandwich —  a toasted buffalo chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese.

“She is a sweet lady,” junior Holland Schell said. “And I love her buffalo chicken sandwiches.”

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