The 2017 Gazebo Mistletoe List

We asked students (and faculty) who they would like to be caught under the mistletoe with

December 6, 2017

Gazebo Photo by Claudia Pope
Sydnie Rouleau and Matt Newberry
Gazebo Photo by Claudia Pope
Logan Thomas and Sarah Koplin



Mary Kate Groves and William McCormack

Alexandra Hall and Joey Gadd

AJ Stevenson and Sarah Pyles

Harmony Nagle and Young Johnny Depp

Manav Patel and Kate Upton

Andrew Delves and Hadley Neal

Molly Garud and Samuel Barrow 

Tommy Sachy and Zeyna Abdulla

Taylor Swan and John Bickley

Josie Lamb and Harry Greer

Rania Akbar and Tom Holland

Gazebo Photo by Claudia Pope
Sarah Pyles and AJ Stevenson

Arya Datta and Shawn Mendes

Carson Dorsey and Savannah Hendricks

Alyssa Ferland and Mark Barrow 

Jonathan Siegel and Jennifer Anniston  

Ben Jorgensen and Kenzie Muenzer

Hughes Pinson and Alex Morgan

Nathan Hunt and Margo Hannan 

Morgan Mathis and Cole Gilleland

Emily Sheridan and Bond Almand

Gazebo Photo by Knox Cleveland
Emily Sheridan and Bond Almand

Sarah Koplin and Logan Thomas

Tucker Massey and Lucy Jenkins

Dr. Tom Lolis and Mrs. Susan Lolis  

Mrs. Ferrari and Demerits

Dr. Nicholas Ercole and Angela Merkel

Coach Tyler Brown and Mrs. Amanda Brown

Mr. Bobby Stecher and Gwen Stefani

Coach Travis Morrison and Gal Gadot

Mrs. Shannon Boswell and Mr. Charlie Boswell

Mrs. Anastasia Fink and the most interesting man in the world

Mrs. Patsy Hayslip and her secret someone

Gazebo Photo by Claudia Pope
Tucker Massey and Lucy Jenkins

Mr. Phil Nicodemo and his arch nemesis (Jennifer)

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