Gazebo Photo by Andrew Palmer

Sarah Koplin and Josh Bevill, voted the “Best Spirit” superlative, ham it up for photographer Lee McDavid on Wednesday

‘Superlatives’ awarded to 40 seniors

Overlook yearbook staff recognizes smiles, hair, fashion, school spirit, punctuality and gullibility

December 6, 2017

The Overlook yearbook staff has announced its “Senior Superlatives” for 2017-18. A senior boy and girl won the vote in 20 different categories. 

The winners were announced at a Monday assembly on Nov. 27. Photos for the “Senior Superlatives” section in the yearbook were taken on Wednesday, Dec. 6.

Caroline Durkee was excited to be voted “best couple that never was” with Sahan Vangala. 

“I am really excited about it, and I am really interested in making it a real thing,” she said. “There has always been a spark.”

Carey Woodcock was voted as the girl class clown.

“I’m glad other people understand how funny I am,” she said.

Emma Davis was voted “most likely to be on their phone’’ along with Brannen Suggs.

“Sorry to my peers for being on my phone,” she said. “I’ll text you an apology.”

Sarah Koplin was voted “Most Spirited” with Josh Bevil.

“Go Eagles! Happy to share it with the kindest soul in the school, Josh Bevill.”

Steve Durkee was voted most likely to sign in late with Olivia Pruett.  

Senior Superlatives

Steve Durkee was voted ‘Most Likely to Sign In Late’

Most Eagle Pride  —   Josh Bevill and Sarah Koplin

Best Smile  —  Sammy Martin and Sloane Ramsbottom

Most Athletic   — Tobe Umerah and Ellie Peterson

Prettiest Eyes  — Jack Kelly and Tori Dover

Biggest Flirt — Stephen Durso and  Lucy Lee

Best To Take Home To Parents — Cal Whitworth and Morgan Mathis

Cutest  — Akshay Ronabhotu and Emma Cate Powell

Most Artistic — Tucker Massey and Anna Kate Alford

Biggest Chatterbox Jourdain Irvin and Ellie Cleveland

Most Social — Jake Jamison and Evans McCook

Most Likely To Be Famous — Tejas Athni and Murrary McCormick

Class Clown — Carter Griffin and Carey Woodcock

Best Dressed — Tyler Jordan and Emily Sheridan

Most Likely To Be On Their Phone — Brannen Suggs and Emma Davis

Gazebo Photo by Andrew Palmer
Lucy Lee and Stephen Durso were named ‘Biggest Flirts’

Friendliest — Larson McDaniel and Leah Davis

Most Changed Since Ninth Grade  John McMaster and Miller Ann Davis

Best Hair — Clifton Olmstead and Faith Boyington

Most Gullible — Andrew Palmer and Catherine Brown                                   

Most Likely To Sign In Late —  Steve Durkee and Olivia Pruett

Cutest Couple That Never Was  — Sahan Vangala and Caroline Durkee


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