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Study, Rest and Sharpen Your Pencils

Tips for surviving Midterm exams

December 7, 2017

Some students imagine presents and joy when they think of the holidays.

But others think of exams and stress.

Midterms begin next week, and everyone is studying and worrying about the loads of information they must learn.

Getting enough sleep comes by turning off screens and accepting that you are not going to get more done in a night.

— Alex Stefanis

Mrs. Jaqui Wilson, a school counselor, has created a plan for students to help them organize their time to prepare for exams. It recommends to begin reviewing your notes two weeks ahead of time, and do more in-depth studying one week ahead of the tests.

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Organization is a major problem for many students, but Ms. Wilson has a solution to that problem, too.

“What I suggest is to gather up all your notes if you haven’t already done that,’’ she said. “What will happen is for some classes you’re going to come out with a stack of notes that is going to be a little overwhelming to look at.”

It does not have to be an impossible task making it through all these notes, though.

“If you’re really prepared, for the next two weeks spend 10 minutes every night reviewing all your notes.”

She also emphasized to get enough sleep during these nights to improve your memory. This also was recommended by junior Alex Stefanis.

“Getting enough sleep comes by turning off screens and accepting that you are not going to get more done in a night,” Alex said.

It is also important not to stress, and Alex recommends hugging a dog.

At Monday’s assembly, Upper School Assistant Principal Theresa Ferrari had a wish for students.

“Peace in your hearts and freedom from anxiety,” she said.

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