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(L-R) Jamie O’Quinn, Betsy Hill, Waldon Davis and Tori Dover take part in Monday’s Spirit Day

Go Dawgs!!! Roll Tide!!!

Who will win the big game?

January 8, 2018

 “The Georgia Bulldogs, because Roquan Smith is the second coming of Jesus.” – Sammy Martin, senior

“Georgia because I live in the state” – Li-an Tsai, junior

“Just say I said Georgia, I don’t want to get slapped.” – Margo Hannan, senior

“Roll Tide because they have Jalen Hurts and a great defense.” – Jourdain Irvin, senior

“Georgia because go Dawgs. Kirby is the Messiah.” – Jonathan Siegel, junior

“Georgia because they’re awesome.” – David Grant, sophomore

 “24-21 Georgia, I just think they have more talent.” – Carson Dorsey, junior

“I don’t really know who will win, but I hope Georgia wins.” – Eliza Freedman, senior

 “Georgia because UGA is the best. GO DAWGS!!!” – Anna Grace Grossnickle, sophomore

“I think Alabama will win, and I want them to win.” – Lucy Boswell, sophomore

“I think Georgia will win because go Dawgies” – Maimee Henderson, junior

 “I think Alabama will win and the score will be 21-14. Roll Tide!” – Mrs. Michelle Fleming, English teacher

 “I think Georgia because of the results of the arm wrestle competition between Mrs. Carter and Mrs. Fleming on Friday.” – McKay Powers, junior

“Georgia because I have faith in them, and I think they pull through as long as they don’t get cocky.” – Lauren McElrath, freshman

“Bama all the way!” – Ben Jamison, freshman

“Georgia because they rock, and Fromm kills the game.” – Madelyn Poss , freshman

“Alabama, because I want them to beat Georgia.” – Carlin Weinberg, senior

 “Alabama and because of everything.” – Madison James, freshman

 “I think that Georgia is going to win because they have the momentum and really great support from the whole state.  When they get into that stadium they’re gonna take it home.” – Mrs Robin Schorr, Academic Support

“Georgia will win because Jake Fromm is No 1.” – Azeem Fazal, sophomore

“Georgia because I think our running attack is better and Alabama has some injuries.” – Drew Kelley, sophomore

 “Go Dawgs, Y’all.” – Marta Stevenson, junior


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