Sophomore Holly Hunt asked Freshman Jack Miscall after their basketball games at Mount De Sales Academy with a sign that said Jack, I SWISH I could go to sadies with you? Do I have a shot? - Holly, #12

Sophomore Holly Hunt asked Freshman Jack Miscall after their basketball games at Mount De Sales Academy with a sign that said “Jack, I SWISH I could go to sadies with you? Do I have a shot? – Holly, #12”

Girls get to ask guys to Sadie Hawkins dance

Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman Date Walls are listed below

January 24, 2018

Unlike most other dances, Sadie Hawkins is a dance in which the girls asks the guys.

The Sadie Hawkins dance will take place on Saturday, Feb. 3 at the Emerson Ballroom downtown. The dance will be from 8:30 to 11:30 p.m. (As always, there will be a zero tolerance policy for substance abuse. Students are encouraged to come with a date, friends, or by themselves.)

Every year, many girls find it difficult to ask a guy in a creative and fun way. In the past two years, there has been a homecoming dance and a turkey ball, but this year there was no fall dance. Because this is the freshmen’s first dance, many of these students are nervous for finding a date.

 “I was very nervous to ask my date because this is our first dance, and I was even worried he might say no,” said freshman Mary Kate Groves.

This year, there were many creative Sadie Hawkins proposals. Some students used fun signs, while others got creative with food.

Date Walls


Lila McCord and Waldon Davis

Freshman Sarah Pyles asked boyfriend, freshman AJ Stevenson, with a brightly colored Superman themed sign that read “It would be SUPER if you’d be my MAN at Sadies?”

Lolly McMahon and Andrew Correa

Madelyn Poss and Jay Lee

Alexandra Hall and Joey Gadd

Gabrielle Radar and Shaw London

Harmony Nagle and Gavin Martin

Claudia Pope and Will Baxley

Olivia Santoyo and Preston Kight

Mary Kate Groves and William McCormack

Taylor Justice and Avery Jackson

Annika Brooks and Dylan Ellis

Lauren Mcelrath and Jack

Jack Medlin and Kate Spivey

Miller Cranford and Bond Almond

Sarah Pyles and AJ Stevenson

Harriette Ann Bowden and Ben Baxley

Junior Josie Coleman asked Griffin Brown, a sophomore at FPD, with fortune cookies and a sign that said “It would be very unfortunate if you did not go to Sadie Hawkins with me.”

Jocelyn Tang and Ishan

James Michael Reeves and Savannah Terrell

Knox Cleveland and Kerri Ann Lawson

Charles Brooks and Katie Hatcher

Emma Jane Canady and Will Fackler

Caris Weinberg and Rohan Patel

Nathan Dummitt and Maddie Fackler

Kendall Simmons and Stetson Hatcher

Jase Smith and Kacey Cross

Sophie Waldrop and Carter Nystrom

Kate Wimberly and Ben Jamison

Jansyn Stephens and Jonathan

Niya Dillard and Jordan

Alyan and Sabina

Carson and Cole

Madeline Davis and Hayden Stone

Kenna and Harrison Tuck

Anna Grace Stone and Harrison Brown

Madison and Lane

George and Jaden


Holly Hunt and Jack Miscall

Mary Elaine Mitchell and Micah Wilson

Freshman Kenna McElmurray asked Freshman Harrison Tuck and made a wrestling pun on her sign. McElmurray chose to ask Tuck at school, and her sign said “Tuck, don’t wrestle with the decision…. SADIES?”

Abby Ellison and Carter Barfield

Lucy Boswell and Andrew Delves

Sophie Denisar and Hall Buice

Liza Boswell and Carter Eddlemon

Hannah Lovett and John Thomas Carter

Riley Davis and Matt Newberry

Sara Kate Durkee and Todd Battcher

Molly Garud and Caleb Wilson

Susan HIghtower and Samuel Barrow

David Grant and Jenny Belle Butler

Price Lee and Hampton Tiller

Sutton Barrow and Nate Jones

Tomi Sogade and Anna Grace Grossnickle

Josie Lamb and John Bickley

Ellen Adams and Harry Greer

Taylor Swan and Wesley Wilson

Lillie Sweet Strickland and Dell Sikes

Maya Rubenstein and Ben

Allie Wilson and Will Deal

Callie and Nick Jokhai


Josie Coleman and Griffin Brown

Karen Jarrard and Luke Haney

Drake Miscall and McKinley Thompson

Caroline Cole and John Coleman

Hadley Neal and Rob Cunningham

Gracie Bell and Grey Faulkner

Anna Parel and Harrison Bailey

Betsy Hill and Davis Crick

Maggie McCullough and John Morgan Manley

Alyssa Ferland and Josh R.

McKay Powers and Preston Brewer

Jamie O’Quinn and Devon Fitzgerald

Layne Davis and Chan Copelan

Maggie Avalotis and Noah Fenimore

Alexandra Stefanis and Lucas Brewer

Marta Stevenson and Griffin Matson

Kenzie Muenzer and Benjamin Jorgenson

Bobby McCord and Gracie Slade

Carson Dorsey and Savannah Hendricks

Li-An and Sai

Ashlin Jackson and Taylor

Kaitlyn Neel and Sam Clark

Anna Durso and Dalton 

Autumn Land and Logan Fink

Holland Schell and Grant Bailey

Vivian Duong and Tejas Athni


Andrew Palmer and Emma Davis

Matt Muse and Caroline Durkee

Josh Bevill and Catherine Brown

Steve Durkee and Carey Woodcock

Sarah Koplin and Jake Jamison

Ellie Peterson and Kevin Gibson

Miller Ann Davis and Greg Sutton

Kaylee Jellum and Hunter Kunzleman

Anna Kate Medlin and Carson G

Ellie Cleveland and Alex Smith

Emily Fackler and Andrew Cerny

Stephen Durso and Dallis Foshee

Emily Sheridan and Hughes Pinson

Larson McDaniel and Caroline Sutherland

Sammy Martin and Carson Edwards

Logan Thomas and Sydnie Rouleau

Evans McCook and Jack Kelly

Cole Gilland and Morgan Mathis

Lucy Lee and Trey Giles

Lucy Jenkins and Tucker Massey

Gracie Holliman and Cal Whitworth

Mei Mei Randolph and Charlie Giles

Carlin Weinberg and Josh Drinkwater

Jonathan and Georgia

Nathan Hunt and Margo Hannon

Tori Dover and Reid

Emmie Cate Powell and Michael Hicks

Carter Griffin and Olivia Pruett

Brannen Suggs and Leah Smith

Grayson and John Chandler

Cochran Lee and Nischal Bandi

Katie Belle

Sloane and Christian

Clifton Olmstead and Evie Tharpe


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