Mark Barrow

Sahan: Luke and Leia, SaHan Solo, Arrow RainTM, Reggie Miller, Paul George, Andrew Luck, Indianapolis, P!nk Floyd, Iron Blimp, Washington/DC, Blind Lion, The Battles, King, Fred Jupiter, Musket Balls and Moth Wings, the Internship, my backpack, Antonio Brown, “tcch, maaaan,” 87 game losing streak, Hawks tickets, The Office, Aziz Ansari, the Quiz Cave, Klark Cent, hand movements, tire swings, SAHAN Tripp: Explaining superhero movies, your window, Paul the Fish, so many birthday trips, the fair, Stone Mountain power outage, the aquarium, the rodeo, rock climbing, 20 Questions, ketchup, Tier 1, The Campfire, The Walrus Song, the Quiz Cave, John Dingle, LatinCon, not coming to LatinCon, Terraria, getting moved up to Accelerated Algebra 2 on the worst day possible, three cheesecakes, Chen’s Wok, Daisy, Beebo, prequelmemes Aman: French Vanilla, goodnight dummy, Fantasy Basketball Finalist 2015- 2018, extreme bad luck in fantasy playoffs, Light Bike 2, *gasp* SEVEN, Geography Bee, Inara, Jindaddy, being embarrassed by Alyan, “What is he DOING?” Nick: Surviving homeroom, Steelers, Deflategate, Antonio Brown, zombies, Academy Dos, Chen’s Wok, living near my grandma, logging out of the computer, building your garden, Queen Stacey, not getting invited to the wedding, Penguins Sammy: Lions, throwing ice at Gavin, MONA, Forever Young, Blade of Grass, Canindia, rare species, Gavriella, The Campfire, Volley Dog, “you so funny,” Nischal’s leg, The Chronicles, UVA interview, ULTIMATE, baseball legend, Frisbee executive branch, getting water, Athlete of the Year, your sports agent Durso: Political debates, video games, our awesome partner paper, peer reviews, The Campfire, The Panda Shield, EHEU, Haunted Montrose, The Walrus Song, the Quiz Cave, The Lonely Mountain, food Snaps, Sarcastaball, Okonkwo, Slender Man, premium sodas, LatinCon, Level 5, Black Widow vs. Superman, giving me all your DS games, do it, Darth Plagueis, I don’t like sand, now this is podracing Nischal: Babu, Nigel, Naischal, Nostril, Noodle, the Quiz Cave, The Walrus Song, The Blair Witch Project, interning Design, your stolen Eagle Steve: XC, Switzerland, whiplash, tripping over your dog, team manager, flash drive Logan: Phillip, LT, PLT, XC, Applelooza, your on-again-off-again relationship with the tennis team, Wade, JT, Sky Hook, bicycle kick, cheesecake before the race Cal: XC, Head Basketball, Ambassador Buddy, getting on SportsCenter (sort-of), the button at Sonic, blindness, your twin brother, Ferris Bueller, stealing my clothes Greg: Rebecca, Dave vs. Tejas, Greggins, Greggy, lobs, Lady Slayer, pick your partner Akshay: Level 2, the backdraw, skipping prom, Ralph Macchio, greasers, constant anger, cutest in the yearbook, Mr. Doctor Director Akshay Tejas: Fire emojis, lit, 100, mirror selfie, paintball, your socks, your glasses, the recipe to a vegetarian salad, freshman girls Shawn: LatinCon, checkers, Rob Vetter, Demon Dog, the watermelon toss, rickshaw Preston: “Tom Brady is ugly,” Deflategate, Deflatriots, Matt Ryan, Patriots themed dog, the shrine, 20 bucks, your fights with Mr Kelley, Brock Osweiler, line graphs, backup QBs, the discovery of Star Wars memes, Batman Jeffrey: Ambassador Buddy, a cookie, Black Ops 2, Terraria, Wendy’s  Cole: A Nintendo Switch, Hotline Miami, that time you were the only person in AP Chem, Sanic the Heghog, Knuckles the Enchilada, gotta go fast, memes, Discord, Indigo League Champion Carson: MTG, Plane Walkers, Boogie, Tammy, AJ Green, Allentown delicacies, Dollar General, JL vs. Avengers, Green Flashlight, Star Traks, Spack Solo, James T Skywalker, Gandaff, Dumbledaff, A Matter of Utmost Secrecy, prequelmemes Alex: Riding your bike, Concrete, Poetry Out Loud, invading your internship, Rey, Vanilla Coke, Checkers Empowerment, Eels and Escalators, Beebo Denny: Dragon’s tooth, Denny Nguyenner the Home-Run-Slam-Dunk-Spike-Diamond-Wall-King, my mortal enemy, leaving and then FaceTiming, showing up to prom in the classic red shirt and gray vest Jake: becoming a man, prom birthday song, Humanities Carter: Denny Nguyenner the Home-Run-Slam-Dunk-Spike-Diamond-Wall-King, The Panda Shield, EHEU, dirty apple, falling off the scooter at Sammy’s house, HILARIOUS John: NeoSquatch, the pole at Nick’s garden Brannen: Looking pretty much exactly the same Kevin: UNC, fantasy sports rivals, finally securing your place as the greatest fantasy basketball player in Stratford history Josh: XC, Charles, keeping track of Lance, never coming in last, Samuel, Smomtoh Michael: Mr. President, my vote in the 2036 election, your bodyguard, the tennis star who never played Andrew: Black holes, HQ Clifton: XC, looking at your phone before practice Eliza: Warriors, jersey for Samuel, Draymond, Steph, Matt Barnes, Player of the Year every year, Dansby, fresh out of college, prom Katherine: Kathy, Malik, Scotty2Hotty, getting annoyed all the time, [email protected], being a cop, acting in plays, thinking your hair grew a foot in one day LK: Dave, Samuel, Clark, Daniel, freshmen boys in general, “can you please stop talking” Evans: Showing up late from basketball every year, showing up late to practice every day Morgan: The greatest aqueduct ever built, Peer Mentors Manasa: King of Tokyo, Smash Bros., 3DS games in general Ellie: The clutch Star Trek question at Trivia, being the only girl on Quiz Bowl for 4 years Sarah: Letting me join the Hinjus Murray: Turkey Ball, Camden North, the Harvard and Yale of dancing schools Rushabh: Rush, Stronger, Indian names, gas stations, “that’s my relative” Travis: Ambassador Buddy, the movie theater, the record for watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Griffin: Round 5 on Farm, Cinnamon, UNC, always showing up to the tennis team a month in, my neighborhood McKinley: State champion, area champion, coming in third, chickens as mammals???, Biology shenanigans Jayce: Fixing the projector, not knowing what a chicken was, tech club president, JAYCE, The Aints Maggie: Margaret, Colleen, Raffa, 46 cousins, hating track, Thomas, honestly not remembering the last time I called you Maggie Caroline: John Coleman, my grandparents, cousins Samuel: The tennis team, player of the year, taking a set off Raab, Alfie, beating you at Ping-Pong 95% of the time, Tyler, Alfie, undefeated career, Harambe, “everything I hit goes over,” Fortnite problem, irritant, rug burn, aggression, cheese dip, shrimp burritos, “I can get two?,” every girl you’ve ever met, golden boy, run a lap, drama queen, “We bought a ZOO,” earthquake sloth, snacks, cookie cake, “I don’t like the bubbles” Clark: CLAAAAAAARK, forgetting your real name, XC, deer, botanical gardens, you sly fox, hockey game, Assistant Design Director, being a freshman forever Dave: Sitting on your racket, goofing off, Model UN, run a lap, cartwheels Daniel: Sup, yeah cmon, team room, wearing the smile you gave me Lucy: Clark, the mysterious necklace Liza: Being the “sort-of” Prom Queen Jenny Belle: Ginny Bell, driving to Idle Hour without a license Drew: Secret time, spinning the apple Hampton: Your walrus, the box, “Do I know you?,” “Oh hi!,” Periculum TW: Injustice 2, MAAAAARK BARROWWWW, TEEEEEDUUUUUUB, Marcus DeWare, the future of US tennis, 1 in the State, Qualifier Finalist, basketball, having to play doubles with Samuel all the time, Patrick and Spencer, “I call Lightning Bow,” “can I have a ride,” living 5 minutes away, walking, Kirby spam, serious Fortnite obsession, my freshman prediction Will: Fackler, Fackdaddy, gluten, Kiawah, creepypasta, Slenderman, The Ring, the biggest one-hander in the world, absolute animal, Napoleon Dynamite, introducing Craig A to Google, making beds at 1 AM Gavin: LatinCon, Frisbee, master athlete, absolute legend, Spongebob quotes and quizzes, “now THIS is podracing,” ANI, freshman representative, B, inBUBitably, those stool kids, watching me and Dummitt ask 30 girls to play Frisbee, finding your meal card, JOHN CENA, reed recorders, Periculum, pennies, danger, banana, Michael BANKS Nathan: Ice in a trash can, LatinCon, running a mile at 7 AM, the Trojan Horse, B, inBUBitably, trying to get girls to join our team, “Come here often?,” not getting numbers, hiding behind a tree, Yodeling Octopus, Bodeling Boctopus, The Ballad of Bicky Bobby, normal field trips, yodeling kid, sketchy LatinCon kid, pennies, danger, banana George: gotta go fast, guncle, mine cart ride, independent man, Deflategate, cheaters, my freshman prediction, Periculum, the reason we couldn’t have morning practice Charles: BROOOKS, I’m watching you, Chuck, the last Charles, picking you up for 7AM practice Banks: BANKS, you sly fox, always saying hey to me, being taller than me as a freshman Lance: Szechuan sauce, “No Lance,” disappearing, hiding behind trash cans Alyan: Not singing at the holiday assembly, grunt, being Aman’s cousin, The Hug Ishan: Pictures of your house, fake window, Mort, feet Mr. Wells: HI MR. WELLS, putting up with Durso and me, your secret gamertag, Marvel, I still never got to meet Muppet Mr. Kelley: Design, soccer team, Mike Kelley Day, accepting our crazy homeroom Mr. Harrington: Putting up with the quiz bowl team Mr Stecher: Sammy, all 5s Coach Jamie: Leading us to so many state titles it looks easy (it wasn’t) Coach Hayley: Winning Area someday, extreme gratitude for letting me run that last race even though I wasn’t the fastest Tripp, Aman, Cal, Nick, and Nischal: Those Falcons jerseys, Grady Jarrett Eleventh Grade Study Hall: Spiders, Papa’s Freezeria, T-Mike vs. PK, Bloons TD 5 My Homeroom: All of our shenanigans, endless football debates (sorry for being annoying all the time), winning the Freshmen Retreat, that epic goodbye party, all the leftover food The Three Stooges: Tons of goofy adventures just waiting to happen Tripp, Sammy, Manasa, and Ellie: Being in the same math class forever, [email protected] LatinCon kids: Brian Wu, MR. PRESIDENT, Justice League vs. Avengers, exploration, RIP Frisbee Teagles: The greatest sports legacy Stratford will ever see, Stooges, team song, Daniel Cohen Team Snap Cross Country Team: CLAAAAARK, 6AM, Nuway Breakfast, “wake up, Steve,” pyramids, 16th place, being overrun by freshmen, team manager, Disney World, Smomtoh Ultimate Frisbee Team: The greatest team ever, hopefully playing more next year

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