Josh Bevill

Madelyn Poss: my life, Poss’s Posse, soccer scarf XC Team: Smomtoh, Disney, szechuan sauce Boys Soccer Team: Rohan’s mac n’ cheese, sludge, tide pods Will Deal: Dealski, good evening, pinky handshake, ceramics, JT, Smith and Wesson, Father Deal, Marv from Home Alone, gentlemen, “Boys, boys, boys” Kendall Simmons: Phillip Logan Thomas, lowkey my favorite freshman, Poss’s Posse Jay Lee: Jay Bird, weird noises, Jay Bird’s journey Gracie Holliman: GATA, chocolate Tori Dover: always being angry in homeroom, GATA, chocolate Carter Griffin: homeroom, Samuel Barrow (enough said) Samuel Barrow: March 31st, math class, Texas Ranger, Talladega Nights Graham Hefner: the legend himself, G Money, Snaeb, Panther, Stank, Sid, BAG Ellie Peterson: ski trips when we were little, Pete, Peter, Shousey is back Molly Groves: “Ayyy lil Mamma!” Preston Brewer: ceramics, white clay, Big Dad Sam Clark: Pigeon Forge, physics Mckinley Thompson: Pigeon Forge, tide pods Gracie Bell: group message, “Hey beautiful” Maimee Henderson: never answering your phone, Gaimee, group message, “Tonight, yes tonight” Olivia Pruett: being mistaken for twins in middle school, I was your first true love Lucy Lee: constantly being depressed, Twitter messages Sloane Ramsbottom: I will always be your mother’s favorite, chocolate Margo Hannon: road trips, math class, sporting events Autumn Land: sporting events, car rides, you low key love me Kevin Gibson: back to back flag football champs, legends of YFL, 6-0 middle school football Michael Hicks: QB and Center, 6-0 middle school football Larson McDaniel: YFL legends, 6-0 middle school football Steve Durkee: Muffy, whiplash, “It really do be like that sometimes”  Parker Kight: Bearstock, Flat Stanley, OGLH, river expeditions, Shousey is back Logan Thomas: Flat Stanley, Shousey is back, OGLH, PLT, LT for 3, freshman guy slang, homeroom, river expeditions, ceramics, white clay, BONELESS pizza Sarah Koplin: constant arguments, Flat Stanley, 7 ¼, OGLH, Post Malone, Shousey is back Sydnie Rouleau: Flat Stanley, lowkey hatred, constant arguments, OGLH, 7 ¼, BIG GUY, “Boys, boys, boys” Emmie Cate Powell: Flat Stanley, Shousey is back, OGLH, you are the sweetest human on this planet Catherine Brown: Chocolate, Flat Stanley, Shousey is back, OGLH, neighbor, SB2k18, being forced to respond, Lo2$lick, chocolate, Lo2Thic, “Hello Catherine” John Thomas Carter: Smith and Wesson


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