Catherine Brown

Ellie: Space Camp, Brandi Beluga, 5 years at Crestridge, Winder, junior intern, 9/25/13, Myler, Neighblow, PSONE, Lina Kern, our brothers, “you know what I mean?”, gluten, The Brick pizza, Pro Stalkers, stalker blanket, Tony, pathetic, “I almost had a thousand dollars”, 2015 Gabe, Tracey, front lobby bathroom, bug eyes, grindin’, mexican food, your indestructible ipod touch, strange clouds, boo & cate, teacher, clurbow, Doo Doo star, El Carnival, HHBDBJU24E, cousin connie, dante dakota mcglon erba, brandi beluga, spontaneous trips to milly, fishing lessons from Ty, Visa, Mrs. Lizzie, walkabouts, the terks, Sand_Beau Miller Ann: IVP, endless hours of driving around, Scar Tissue, Vista, Jelly Heads, ASAP (Devil’s Island), your middle school self, the ComMUnity, Daddy’s money, RHCP, Stratford lacrosse, Allison’s cupcakes, cheesecake, banana boat, industrial Macon, love sosa, papi, Mercer basketball, dryer sheets, honey boo boo, pretzel nuggets, middle school soccer,beastbushling7k3kardashianlova, Jonathon Canipe, acura, the pencil, the leaf, Felton, brick on coleman hill, NuWay patty melts, Mr. Pibb, meep, a Bible, cream, Riverside Crossing, Phiten necklace, golf cart geeks, ghost hunting Sarah: Yogi Lipson, Lack Jipson, phiten necklace, Roll Tide, the rides Sophomore year, Mr. Free, homeroom, your house after every event, food videos, “waking up early” to workout, T6 painted on my car, Krystal drive thru, our “friendship”, your house, panera bread, Chip’s cookies, positivity, 27 eeeek, SAC, Shmuel, psj cupcakes, Gus, Brassy, Sushi, Greer, graduation by vitamin c, the loft, gordon smith, the cavs Sloane: childhood, moldy m&ms, burnt baby dolls, chemistry, fred, baby hairs, wang, turning around from athens, beezy & shibble, your drawings in SH sophomore year, various parking lots in Eatonton, FOJ cake, Mr. Randy, Bo Crook & his rainbow…, 4th grade harassments, your friend Maddie, milkshake & cheese, Fish N’ Pig, I can only imagine, papa, domo23, baby hairs, bald lamb, track and coach, ACC walk Emmie: First Presbyterian Day School, chihuahua meat, Port St. Joe FL, bred, FOJ, blah blah blah, peanut butter & the practice epipen Lucy J: 9/25/13, USA, jesus boy, alex mills, HolyDerpLucy, Toasty, Doritos, sonic bathroom, Moe’s, p.p.corn, 3 chamber, SB2013, spitting out peppers in your kitchen, certified book nerd, my apartment, 6103 & 6105 Tori: Lake Oconee, Milledgeville, gatewood schools, bones, physiology Margo: accelerated sophomore english, Michael O’Brien tosg: Mmmm Horses, Mormons, Gators, Mutations, Bred Prowl, “R”, Junior Sadies, Where’s Haven, Whack, sappa alpha kigma, on a pallet, pork steak hoe, yotes, heese, if you know you know, Uncle C, hasselhoff, spring break 2017&18: two very different experiences, big dog oglh: leftovers to sydnie, shouse, the big ole trucks, sydnie’s house & bed, coke icees, BK Gracie Holliman: take off Grayson: ED, Sadie Hawkins 2017, Jean fetish, outcasts, Macon Baking Company, brownie batter blizzard, Athens, cheer camp, diet coke, my bad eating habits, reese waters, pink sands, Doo Doo Star Josh: Neighborrrr, chocolate, harassments, mrs. waters, lo2thicc, roasted, a dangerous neighborship, “hello josh”, that, your dad, ketchup, pickles, squaring you, Dr. Shubitz, harrison, J Christophers, our middle school love, Washington DC Tyler: Firehouse subs & bbq sauce, buttery biscuits, sweeeet cathy, ewwww, sweet cathy’s bakery, Milledgeville!!! Greg: Junior Prom, Red Hots, Spanish II w/ Mr. Bloodworth, Mtn Brook, taco stand, “miss the crap* out of you”, chicken minis…. with coke, BK, squaring, tennis shop, Chances, Cochran Lee, parking deck, gatorade bottles, Mercer University, gunwalk, emo music, moondance baes Jourdain: all the weirdness, take your time now Mrs. B, hasselhoff Cochran: Monny, the parking deck, El Pinguino, being emo, possum/armadillo, ari, the college of your choice, Greg Sutton, pepé rendezvous, silly bands and preston, intern, kath, candy, apple juice, the attic, the film festivals, el camino, many hours of sleep, your bedroom window, starbucks’ cake pops, armadillo, bethie, 5th period spanish Sydnie: The Bears, Bad Things, Forsyth GA, 4/2/16, Mexico Beach, EMO, that streak Junior year, Haunted Barn, your house…my 2nd home, your electricity, suh dude, the sub, governor’s daughter, big guy, woody, cavs, our songs, not my house, concretes, milkshakes, peace y’all can roll, best friend’s brother, 5 ½, a year’s supply of barb’s nachos & chickfila to last through Spain, the affair, under the brick on coleman hill, the Mormon brothers, Chances, all the songs I never listened to, MoMo, Perry Fair Pete:  Candy Corn, Cinch, RIP Disney trip junior year, BOTD, drought, Nandi, Felton, granola, downs, SBG, Graveyard Book–death!!, sonic bathroom, positivity, positive pete, midgets, parking deck, Constantine, 7 years of XC, Tallanasty, Monny, Cubans, a Bible Olivia: The Rock, Possum, Seaside, “Am I tan yet?”, germ freak, OlliePop!, The Motto, poop in that yard, Chicky ice cream cones, parking deck, Monny “trilogy”: Stone Edge, Stitches, Barbs, MMW, The silver volvo, blue honda, G King, Pumpkin pie, tapout, head over boots, Speaker Knockerz, DC, some type of way Amelia: MDS prom 2017, “pizza by the slice is sacrilegious”, you a redhead, Coleman Logan: chocolate, it’s okay sweetie, the operation, Kutt, magnetic silly putty, gid bickin on em, are you here for harrison Parker: yogi, the love square, canine teddy graham dog treats, quick sand Jeffrey W: homecoming 2016 Kevin and Michael: can I see your cat? Brannen: walkabouts, my volvo and the exhaust pipe Harrison: DQ, Mtn. Dew, that wing place in jax, nana, my annoying music, crawf leave no trace, chick fil a, annoyingness, my computer AJ Stevenson: chocolate milk Graham Hefner: Sydnie Rouleau Will Deal: tripod, birds in the truck John Thomas Carter: Smith & Wesson Marta: Moose, lost voice at disney, the drought, rides after xc, Moe’s burritos, Moon taxi, my gold hoop earring, my plus one Layne: bush, Mercer 30 year olds, Moon Taxi The Cross Country team: gucci gang, Jasper, bax game, hiding, disney world, the mems, the pain… love yall!!!! Emory: piece of plastic Matt Newberry: it’s fine, I’m fine. algebra II. being smarter than everyone else as a freshman.  Lila: IVP Josie Coleman & Carter Eddlemon: the neighborhood Madelyn Poss: …..madelyn poss Gracie Bell: our long lost friendship, parking deck Claudia: those two, that snake eating the frog Kendall: your mom’s here, kenny poo

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