Leah Davis

Faith: operation new weave, basketball, Coach Spillers’s fettuccine, Savannah trip, Judah, Davis, Caleb AND Kolby, “my favorite color is brown,” Jon with no H, Pretty Little Liars, payless shoes, the bird, Mindless Behavior, MSFTS/getting attacked on twitter, Believe movie, FNB Covenant kids: Ariel’s nail, dodgeball & capture the flag, the barn, Reformation Week, China, Coach Hale and tomato slicers, Mr. Dark, Tina (the best nickname ever), we go to covenant academy, a kingdom school. Niya: left left right, apple, “LEAH. DAVIS.,” 5 dollars for the FPD soccer game, my position as head basketball manager, shoot dance Autumn: track Sarah: one year of softball Cochran and Carlin: our hotel room (“Turn the TV off.”) Molly Groves: Señora 🙂 Lora Kate: “I’m parched.” Nadia: a jeep, Tomi, Tyler Jordan, a bottomless story jar, dancing on tables, many senior ex-boyfriends and one ex-husband Aman: 1-800-TurkeyBall Faith & Anaya: spring break, Tempo, No Hands, 2 wrecks in 1 day, the lake and the 12 dollars y’all owe me, biology knowledge, Anaya knowing everything, Bickley, Take Me to the King and many other gospel songs Tobe: Donazalae The track team: Coach Leah loves you <3 take state next year. My old homeroom: Mrs. Ferrari Cal, Nick, Jake, Andrew: Fortnite, loop road karaoke, face 10 body 10, vine, Key & Peele, the podcast, one last argument for the road

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