Emma Davis

Emily: clean your room missy, charleston trip, facetiming box, stratford bathroom, kristen, haircuts, mini creek, ROOMZ, agape picture, jim eubanks, poooof, carter griffin, the loop, carey’s phone over my curfew, go bobcats, bear down, earth wind and fire Gracie: dabbing picture, waldon’s baseball trips, pnut, arcade, mountain trip, mcjean, southern visit, “I have a feeling we’re going to be friends tonight,” honey i’m good, cornchips, wing wang ting tang, goat noises, leeane Caroline: NEVER responding to my text, nick colletti, cody ko, tom hill chicky, charles stroud, sneaking out to the end of the driveway, neighbors, ssi trip, jersey shore dance, walnut and durknut, cactus, dell taco’s playlist, south carolina visit, first position, pink hair, hughes moth, gucci’s bestfriend Evans: all of the softball songs, softball, mixers at coach brown’s, charleston chix, every pizza place in macon, first position, red hot chili peppers concert, donk, photoshoot with matt, squeeze the lemon, grandma tiner, callie, i have foot on my foot….wanna grind? Carey: jim, cdub, youth, mollies dance at epworth, BC, only liking me for gucci, grandma tiner Lucy: neighbors, middle school school rides Mei Mei: Mr. G Pete: a prom dress that I have yet to take to the dry cleaners Olivia: you better stop, I am not a boy, Alex, do you want to go upstairs, let’s get it, my sock fell off, south carolina visit, laughing for literally no reason, the 3 hour car ride that turned into like 6 hours, all of the vine references that I can’t think of, homeroom, the lake trip when that guy pulled out a gun, I can, balestic, give me your freaking money Jake: my baby, how you treat me vs how I treat you, always being mad at me, burger king dates, idle hour pool house, arm rubs, birthday icee, the way I eat my fries, junior year study hall, “friday????” Kevin: Dirty K, your best friend, late night crew at river Carter: let’s get it Greg: god brother, marco, amanda, all of the charleston trips and family time, my childhood best friend, poes, taco mama, triangle Trey: stevie b, a huge crush on you, shuffle dance, klein Jack: kelly boy, so many school dances I can’t even count, crop dust, soft hands Steve: 2nd grade boyfriend, “hey baby”  Coach Brown: 7th period, mixers at your house, say something else I don’t like, chop war, jersey shore dance, the bullet to the dugout, 5 cliches in a minute, literally my best friend, tbrown, the 7th grade lecture, my specialties, this is dr veto…you’re expelled, your face Devon: caris, all of the dugout times, Dev Siegs: Joneton Waldon: mom and dads rants, never playing your music, your dance moves, hey sweetie Betsy: thursdays Tori: TD, milledgeville trips, duo, toris an alien tell your friends, lake trips Andrew: alien, our weird language, quavo is an alien, marriage contract, the cat, bk, mooooom, lorde, white chocolate covered macadamia nut Box: box and bowl, cereal, 7th period, voice emojination, fat but frat, your face Sloane: hating each other for like 3 years Jourdain: homeroom, the most dangerous weapon in the world, moods Elizabeth: dylan cox Lillie Sweet: I just wanted to leave you something but idk what Taylor: saving my life with that babysitting job John Morgan: jmo, you and waldon, waldon and akins, river going to that river spot, andrew Harrison and Grant: Harrison’s the one with a scar?? Hughes: BFT, family easter, a moth, little stewart Lucy Jenkins: undercover, the giraffe ring, new year’s in sullivan’s John Chandler: jaaaawwwnn, you’re expelled Flock: the most respected group of girls around town, LOVE YALL

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