Miller Ann Davis

Charlie Giles: New Years Olivia Pruett: Gabe Giron’s bathroom, Athens, sailing camp, Mr. Hanky, Jonathon Canipe aka our Jesus Christ and Savior, sticks, KA bathroom squeak squeak, McBride’s hips, I didn’t mean to, cheese, those lovely bushes outside of Bolton, random house keys, cancer sticks, Halloween shenanigans, that time we made a quick trip to the beach during Music Midtown, that time we went to Amelia Island idk why, Conner and Nathan Olivia Pruett and Greg: outhouse Greg Sutton: back parking lot of Idle Hour, Gatorade bottles, RHCP, that time I made you drive my car to McDonalds Ellie Cleveland: Vegas, Ridge, Athens adventures, O-House, 1516, freshco, Marshall Tucker band, Drive-By Truckers, Taco Stand, New China Buffet Number 8, Gatewood boys, Nobu, Ninja Sydnie Rouleau: Charlie Trevitt, The Revivalists, IVP, trifecta, RHCP, parking deck, that plastic card of yours I borrow sometimes, Charlie Trevitt stealing my debit card, homeless man in ATL, bathtub cooler, Patrick Star, Nu-Way weiners, PSJ, space cakes Catherine Brown: beastbushling7k3kardashianloverforever, IVP, trifecta, RHCP, parking deck, birtday, Reese Waters, not showering for three days at Showercap, New China Buffet Number 8, patty melts, space cakes, Rookery milkshakes Marta Stevenson: Moon Taxi, pre-cal, my sweet Moose Ellie Peterson: wailing Fleetwood Mac in your kitchen, you and the stairs on Halloween, pre-cal, Shaky Knees, Charlie Trevitt stealing my debit card, homeless man in ATL, bathtub cooler, that time we made a quick trip to the beach during Music Midtown Ellie Peterson and Steve Durkee: that one time y’all had to tuck me in bed Caroline Durkee: my futon Emily Sheridan: the many times I’ve walked in your house smelling like greenery Grayson Harrell: Showercap Lucy Lee, Catherine Brown, Sloane Ramsbottom, Emmie Cate Powell, Evans McCook, Olivia Pruett: NCL Amelia Bunker: Wait how do I get to Moe’s?, that time I gave you a concussion  Layne Davis: my dog Hadley Neel: that time you picked us up on Foster Road to look for Sydnie’s car keys Emmie Cate Powell: The Ritz bathroom, Music Midtown, Anastasia Sarah Koplin: Peebles, Alex and Conner’s boxers, tie-dye peace signs, Phiten necklaces, shrimp boatin’, discus, Wesleyan woods with Trey Tharpe, CRAFTSMANSHIP, Hunter Boyle, space cakes Cubans: parking deck, Monny Margo Hannan: go mf bears Sloane Ramsbottom: you always being my mom Hannah Lovett: Ms. Fink Knox Cleveland: boyfriend Logan Thomas: junior year prom, all of the random facts you know Sarah Koplin and Sydnie Rouleau: we are roasting campfires we are roasting weenies, Shmuel and Bruno

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