Tori Dover

Tori Dover

Sloane Ramsbottom: Curtis, PCB, Gators, Lake Oconee road-trips, Doug Bug, DUDE, NYE 2017 Dream Boy, phone calls with Amy, ROLL TIDE, pageants, Austin H, Milly Vegas, stealing clothes, get backs, SAK, The Ritz, ice cream at the Lake Club, boys with trucks, Belan’s tab, Billy’s red truck, Georgia Tech, Tee, Athens, Janie <3, the basement, week long birthday celebration, Gunner, dinner dates with Kacey and MK, hedges, track, Nana, Patch, roadblocks with Lucy, car rides, roomies and crying, Dippin Dot dates, picking me up on the road in Great Waters, #10, evacuation, joys of tears, traveling the world, The Sloane Hate Club, slon, walking home 30 min, hating you, calling 911, Tastee Chick, late for curfew, late nights at Lucy’s, snapchatting Lilly, notes at lunch, movie nights, Meme’s children, crying about leaving each other, Bad at Love jams, Conner, Amy jumping on us at 3 a.m., double dates, Bean Boozled, can’t wait to visit you!!!!! I love you!! Lucy Jenkins: Sneaking in after football games, BK, coke and pizza in SSI, I’M GOOD, singing in the car, bff goals, the river, “I love ittt,” climbing on a roof downtown, babysitting Colin, 1 a.m. Ihop date, white trash in aerobics, Tutti Frutti, Jake’s jersey, tracking Mary Lee in SSI, FPD football game 2016, Sloane breaking glass in front of your house, that’s our boys, red bottom heels, double braids, lover lover, Bearstock, Birks and socks, roadblocks, thank you for so many mems! Love you!! Lucy Lee: rumors, headbands, buggy days, sharing tweets, jumping in the pond at Rock Ranch, being negative at the end of senior year, same shoes, we’re the woat, walking L’s, crying on facetime, Netflix shows, twins, getting mixed up, country music, calling for advice, forehead pics on snapchat, DQ ice cream, love you! Ellie C: Cam, Parker, boat rides on the lake, tubing, “Get out of our town”, bruises, fighting with Ridge, Milledgeville dinner dates, last gator down, PCB, Hart, bruised from tubing, Nana’s goats, Chris Stapleton, trash bags at MM, late night hot tub at the lake, water and meo, Blaire helping me out, can’t wait to visit HOTTY TOTTY!!! Evans: Sprite bottles, Jeff, catching Emma: Milly, falling in cap, Padro, dynamic duo, BK, huge nights, Gunner, Islamic bathroom, snuggles, lookin like nugs on facetime, making Box drive home from Athens, Brighten’s house, come visit next year, love you!!! Sarah: Roll Tide always, Hooty Hoo, salads, junior guys’ house, sneaking away, Westfield, morning after Bearstock Gracie: the river, driving Zane’s truck, pics on the rock, HAIL SOUTHERN, GATA!! Molly Groves: rain jackets and car rides, Pam!!, Jingle Ball, “Are you a gatewood girl now?”, quitting softball, hockey games, bowling, double dates, driving my car, lots of Chick fil a, Justin’s house, baseball games, Garrett, Steak n Shake, basketball games, I am going to miss you!! Larson: Junior year. Ashlin: Growing up together, Gobstoppers, side buns, ribbons, Mama Debb’s, driving 7 hours to see you, late nights on the beach, Blaise, boat rides, lake days, DQ dates, NYC trips, Mama Amy, Will, I love you!! Autumn: late nights at the ballpark, 2 a.m. championship games, Scotty Mac, PCB The Strip, forgetting you in the lineup, Logan’s house, going to miss you, love you! Drake: D1 Drake, my basketball shoes, JV basketball, French, 10 reasons why I should play soccer Jack K: DM’s on instagram Clifton: Amy’s cooking, picking out birthday gifts, Selena Gomez, the 100, Athens, I was 25 first, Sadies freshman year, box Carter, Josh, and Logan: Homeroom HEESE/SAK: SSI, the other senior girls, I LOVE YALL!!!

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