Caroline Durkee

Hughes Pinson: Zack the pledge, Emily screaming at us, throwing shoes at the farm, Moth boy, Chad, the throw up noise Emily Sheridan: Both getting into UGA, my cousin, the lavender lululemon shorts, Kristen, Farter G, angel, Knox Knox whos there, Todd, Give daddy a kiss, you kissing my cheek with absolutely no chin, you hating me Junior year and not telling me, derp Carey Woodcock: Mr. Patterson, i1, Athens dry heaving, you stalking me, zero friends at ole miss, charles, Kimberly, your purchase in Oxford, Stephen, 9dees, the brick pole at the flats, your scalp bleeding, Panda, Todd, Burt liking you more than me, that one time at Herndys Evans McCook: the toilet at Carillon Beach, constantly spraying, Cameron Smith, Carey that one night on spring break, chimneys at gabes, coleman hobson, that one time at Herndys, bean dip Emma Davis: Me always answering your texts in a timely fashion, sneaking out, our hormonal relationship, Jake Edwards, PCB, Conner James, double dates Gracie Holliman: skateboarding in Mississippi, backwards hat, golf cart rides, sad music, chillz, roommates 4 years, seizure in ssi, the pink rolling suitcase, our constant annoyance, Jack Renfroe, GATA, Whitt Webb, the first kiss on the rocks Mei Mei Randolph: 7th grade hatred, Shi Road 7th grade rager, Zachary Taylor, outside of my roof, the quad, luke and bo  Ellie Peterson: truly, on the beach Lucy Lee: backseat of Rett’s car Olivia Pruett: Everyone pull out your Sound & Sense  Elizabeth Sellers: 5th period, my car instead of your car, chick fil a, Dell Lillie Sweet Strickland: prom night Emmie Cate Powell: foj thursday nights, top 5 best friends, killing the woman on ingleside, he is everywhere, the noise Andrew Palmer: marriage, almost wrecking your car, us killing each other in oxford, the moose serving us drinks, Bon Hommes Dell Sikes: Senior year, dap me up, kinetix, the chick fil a on bass, mood period, vampire Clifton Olmstead: the two loudest in the grade Greg Sutton: Good as heck – Gracie Sammy Martin: hair pulling at prom, your love couselor, Shaler, Selfies with football players John Chandler McMaster: on this episode of Kristen, sup coach Jack Kelly: 4th grade love affair, you literally bullying me junior year Trey Giles: date night at the bull, treynut, hughes Kevin Gibson: golf dates, your wife, your mother’s love for me, the nyquil at your house, the barn, the longest streak, 5th grade water balloon battle Evie Tharpe: your babysitter Sahan Vangala: “just one time” Charlie Giles: squeezing the water bottle on carey, kill someone, snuggling at the river, the bull Michael Hicks: dating, cheated on me John Morgan Manley: your calculator, I tried to tell you

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