Gracie Holliman

Gracie Holliman

Evans: The zoo, Sea Island, my daddy’s house, the Shell gas station, Tommy<3, our gpas, responsibility, regretful car rides, a bite, your tongue, #300, Mrs. Dunn, arm game, your river house, missing high school, I Get the Bag, cigs, mommy, holidays at emily’s,   Lucy: Satilla River Club, big hoops, Claires, Nutcracker, crafts, tannerite, St. George, cheer camp roomies, video star, ROF, mdoughw, your natural hair, your depression, mcribs, jack cox, chase register, call of duty, Scotty McCreery. Caroline: Cooper Daniels, Chilles, Biloxi, icing fights, sad songs, Sarah, Ames, Rack, Music Midtown, Sb roomies, foursome, backwards hats, model pics, skateboards, cheer camp, Cole garrett, your positivity . Carey: Macon United, Stratford soccer, prom, Mind Right, the gains, a hair flip, prom, soccer camps, Dixie Chicks concert, arm game, panda, junior year sadie hawkins, Applebees, Corey Smith, motivation, Coach put me in, 7 years, loop, OSS, Post Malone. Mei Mei: party animals, Tybee, barn parties, ROF, our New Year’s talk, mdoughw, the ferris wheel, the fairly oddparents. Emily: Musicals, your closet, prom, elves, Jake Edwards, instructions for a washing machine, stunting, funyuns, SES, your guest bed, Miley and Lilly, dancing, cemeteries, party potions, trick or treating, luke bryan’s cousin, pink suitcase, Steve, P and L, white beatles, medicine, loop. Holland: funyuns, SES, bleh, Rivoli Ridge. Olivia: a shower, a toothbrush, study hall, hide and seek in the dark, your white northface, Alex, the hoof, the clown, pumpkin seeds, corn chips, just a kiss, senior privileges, Christmas presents, our relationship, vitamin water, ghosts, mdoughw, being slapped by waffles, Cal, “Lets get it”. Jonathan: The getbacks, Gwaycey, making fun of Emily, my advice, Ames, Tech. Emma: Beach trips, arcades, the obstacle course, Pnut, Mcjean, Benny, Honey I’m good, best friends, goat noise, corn chips, EDD, wing wang ting tang, Blaine. Kelly: 9th grade, Galien, hughes house, Lost in Space, a visit after surgery, all my  ex’s live in Texas. Andrew: Chad Tuckett, Brittany, Chadney, daddy’s money, my yacht. Ellie: Epot, Zane, Macon United, Stratford soccer, Teddy Bear, soccer camps, carrollton beach, secret player, Track meet red bulls, cross country, Jasper, the beach at Music Midtown. Grant and Harrison: car rides, River Forest, golf carts, motor scooters, Hilton Head, photo booth, wrestling, Whitt Webb, my fire aux. Cal: perspectives, carbs, Halloween. Jake: Nuggs, Shnookums, Hallway hugs, Sticks. Catherine: Takeoff, xc, Jasper, thots, Disney. Tori: GATA, the river. Box: B-Swiz, handshake, adios amigos, 19 tardies. Greg: Good as Hell, long lunch, physiology.  Lillie Sweet: your style, heels with your uniform,. Jourdain: Applebees, your jokes. Hughes: my mom, constant roasts, Brad. Charlie: Theo, Geeb, Pikachu. Evie: Box, Gaycie, fruity pebbles milkshakes. Liz: meerkats, soccer mvp, speaker. Ben: my favorite Jamison, freshman, bro.


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