Sarah Koplin

Cath: Yogi, Gus, Argentina, Grady Nation, camp, granola d’s, down on me, SAC, two shots, me hating you, krystal drive-thru, Chip’s cookie, sushi, Brassy, idle hour bathroom on hoco night, heesing, Gordon, that’s haahht, Sydnie’s Only Friends, sobbing on spring break Syd: the cavs, Cooper from Tennessee, Mercer commits, the loft, Earth Wind and Fire, my hatred for Shakes, my only friend, Boulder, American Honey, PSJ backwoods, elevator at Chips, Vladimir, the drive to Saint Simons with Chip, Halloween, FOMO, old enough to count, being the dumbest ones in Gov, the jewish fraternity Emmie: Bo, Louise, the Ritz bathroom, Lucy the Dog being the reason you came to Stratford (RIP), craftsmanship, sweating everywhere Lucy: booceh, Chauncey Coco, the golf cart, richhomieconn, Cancun, a Russian accent, Bearstock freshman year, lax bus Pete: severe negativity, backyard with Alex’s friends, me living on your futon next year, good morning elaina, silent disco, swim season, front yard on New Year’s, a box of Popcorn, Bobby Dodd, sophomore year music midtown, chinese food Tori: Spring Break forever, Roll tide, Amy’s salad Ellie: ayylie, Uncle C, hotel Alex, never knowing which Eatonton local you are talking about, doing my makeup last night of SB Sloane: ob3y alan, babysitting the entire friend group, the ungodly amount of food you can consume, glitter Grayson: Ed’s house, Bella, always taking a good picture, the dawgs, Hannah’s couch Miller: malaria, peebles,shrimp boatin, my mommas chinese, matching phiten necklaces, a nice jewish boy, moon taxi, athens, wesleyan woods Margo: if you move you are going to jail, tooournaments, IDFWU, being way too competitive, coach’s daughter, football groupies Cochran: having a hard time keeping our mouths shut, whamming me with a lacrosse ball once a practice, hagrid, use bathroom upstairs rustic, logan paul, c’mon kenyuhuh, tarek and keren, boonk gang, apple frittahs Amelia: lax team, never wanting to be touched, low defense, logan paul Logan: hooty hoo, milly rocking, not making any friends next year, being the smartest person I know, parkour, getting cool overnight, a handful of toddlers, a platonic relationship, mmmbigolerolltidetruck, turkeyball, SASB, late night thoughts, sad homie hours, a large bolt, OGLH, Big Dawg Parker: go greyhounds, bearstock, puppies, my mom’s love for you, marriage material, my par advice, swim season, OGLH Josh: being the most stubborn person I know, WAK, nana, the basement, oscarmeyerweinermobile, 7 ¼, ceramics bonding Deal: my heart, dealdeal, a box of pigeons, hammed, allie!<3, story time, forcing my friendship on you, brillo pads, tripods Larson: marriage, Bon Hommes, Cole Garrett, Lucy, your mom, all of your hats, abigail and annabelle, physics meltdowns, long lunch Lucy B: lulubirdy230, being attached at the hip during spring break, swim season, babysitting Liza, it really do be like that, grad party sand proposal, slap slap two-second glide Liza: sam and petey, prom after party, the camelbak, sagoob, breaststroke, getting kicked out of the cool down pool, bathrobes at swim meets Nate: prom, tess, Peter, a grits cookie, cello boys, the lone sophomore survivor, facetimes on the way home, a camo jacket Abby: a second generation friendship, mental breakdown facetimes, jack lipson, neighbor goals, showing up whenever I please, swim snugs Nathan: Forest and Jennay, that big headed soccer computer game, the Reinhardt sweatshirt, covenant forever Lucy Lee: spongebob memes, nephsons, track snack table, having zero chill Lila: my heart, bankie binkie and pinkie Kevin: the dealership, head massages, Rugrats in Paris Cal: never going to gov again, Junior prom, the rams, Chip’s loft after Bon Hommes, you getting cool overnight Preston Brewer: clay balls on the wall, the amanda pot, a tanker, the piano, big dad Ben J: thickey mouse, forced friendship, aight bet, swim season Baxley: mini M&Ms, me hating you Carter: late night hours, long distance running to the trailer Sammy: being a free man, sydnie and big guy, the worst two students in gov, whammy Moose: a Moe’s burrito Holly: being the sassiest member of your family, sawah, veritas, just do better, snapchat videos Bobby: sadies hawkins night lol Steve: ay stoopid, doing absolutely nothing in any classes Kenzie: goalie training, some cake Lax Team: XC course, Aiola, fartlickers, Marlie’s dancing, the locker room dance-offs, BABBC, see a dab send a dab, my white jersey?, coach greer, my heart Matt: all the dogs in the world, post-meet freddy’s, the dolphin noise, your hugs Durso: paris duh Nischal: hudy stall, a jewish jacket, ATL next year, the other seniors Aman: prom, the dock Sahan: goob, Liza, a promposal, spring break forever, tunuk tunuk, george clooney Cole G: solitaire, Roll tide, a lacrosse jersey Kiki: a B+, Third Place

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