Lucy Lee

Flock: applebee’s, chili’s, darty, spring break, corn chips, halloween potion, seriously I love you guys Mei Mei: 6th grade, microwaving eggs, omegle, camping in the backyard, 9, horse lessons, ihop, fat tuesday, and rof ED: carpooling, hair dye, and the hoho Cathy: the quan, mabel white and dairy queen Olivia: my clothes, sophomore year, mcdonald’s bathroom, cheerleading, zack and cody, white north face, nye 2017, warts, the eggplant, cappy, buffalo pretzels on spring break, facetime and seriously olivia please carry me Evans: our responsibility, ice game, cuzzie, flondes, your tongue at gabe’s, and cleaning greg’s car Caroline: hulu, our well deserved As in shubz class, priuses, cheer camp, the eagles nest, and school absences Gracie: hoop earrings, moes, the ihop wreck, spongebob memes, satilla golf cart wreck, the mcrib, scotty mccreery, where’s my water, the nutcracker, sugar chasing me around your backyard, beavis and butthead poster from blockbusters, evans’ toilet, guidos, rof, big time rush, palmetto bluff, and COD Pete: my aux game, music midtown pregame 2017, honey bbq fritos, nana’s blanket, water flavorer, swim trunks, survivor, and satilla Jack: horsehead, all my exes live in texas, 8th grade, and Gracie Nischal: camo hat Liz: soccer skills Sam: south park, track, jack the hamster, tardies, and sick days Carey: my crocs, the river house guest room, Jamié, dad’s foot, panda, Jonsey, and greg’s burrito at music midtown Sarah: twitter dms, dad’s homecoming selfie, nephson, and the track snack table Sydnie: one direction and taylor swift, 10th grade study hall, uninvited at mds parties, and shopping in APUSH Jay: family dinner, a fresh glass of hummingbird nectar, my driving skills, and you shooting a 5 on skeet Matt: sparky Tori: pink crocs, twin, worst luck, macon, 90210, crying, soccer, netflix, and vsco Jake: emotional football season, hotline bling, clown pictures, hawaiian shirt, and nuggs Nic: jersey shore, country music, fifa with the cinnamon challenge, walmart phones, frosted tips and a fork for chicken tenders Emily: snap pants, marlon, peer mentor, your house, best Christmas gifts, and St. George Ellie C: the duck club and how I always knock you over when we take pictures Josh: chronic depression, twitter, and making the worst decisions Kevin: vampires at new years, barn, and the bachelor PK: chickfila breakfast Bond: mcflurry boy, beach trip, and cleaning glass Greg: moondance, binge watching survivor, and athens Betsy: wes, apes, my love for your mom, dessert, and the note

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