Morgan Mathis

Hannah Lovett: red chili pepper keychain. Latin Lit: lil’ Tony and lil’ Tonya, dictionaries, St. Brendan, eye rolls, dramatic Cambridge readings, tie-dye shirts, snacks, spoons. Isabelle McSwain: my vote. Lacrosse Team: the birds, 1 mile runs, “exercising,” what do you meme, sho sho dance, warm up laps, lax-ball, senior night tears. Rush Patel: pictures of my math notes. Riley Davis: cram rehearsals. Latin 1: chart quizzes, derivative game, squid-pro-quo, the bean bag, catapult translations. Carlin Weinberg: Room 6, dinocorn, latin father, ranting sessions, many meows, go bears, just dance, interpretive dancing, karaoke, photoshoots, facetime calls, Atlanta trips, 1st Grade, everything softball. Cole Gilleland: smeep, Okayok, the swing, picnics, ballrooms, jars, my black eye, your dentist’s toothbrush, red lights, desserts, publix sandwiches, playing pool, crunchy bug, Steak and Shake spoons, ping pong balls Ellie Minette: adventure-barbeque-celery, lunch dates, “Agnes,” spoon casserole, grandma’s rolls, running through the living room, petrified forest, July 4th, kitchen picnics, backwards sheets, pillow barriers, Christmas brunch, twinning, bottle hair. Anna Kate Medlin: Bandit’s frozen yogurt, beach trips, teen wolf references, walks around the block, my hair, snow days, chemistry class convos, all my weird noises. Boat: mama mo comments, Friendsgiving. Jeffrey Hale: our sisters’ soccer games, first Sadie Hawkins, hole in my ceiling, chubby troops on ice.  Preston Kennedy: boys chase girls, split open head, “boujee boy,” first preppy t-shirts, musical triangle, the bars under the slide, crayon lists, AP modern notes, signed note of acceptance to Miller Motte, hole in my ceiling, driveway wrecks. Emily Fackler: Latin Con sleepovers, AP english film intrusions, Lucky Charms, driveway wrecks, ladies of sadies. Caris Weinberg: Carlin’s locker tag, “3rd base,” the title of little sister I never had, prayers for everything. Amelia Bunker: flexible ruler, light the lamp not the rat, It’s Marley and Marley…Oooohhhoooo. Margo Hannan: lacrosse camp stretches. Matt Newberry: literary meets. Madelyn Stephens: chips and icies, broken arm, gas station man. Manasa Vemuri: IFF, Grumio and Clemens, machetes, chubby troops on ice. Ellie Wangerin: physics naps, confusion, psychic end of lacrosse. Gracie Bell: midfield, draws, all you. Katheryn: early morning rehearsals, math classes, mammoth and dinosaur. Carolynn Dromsky: APES class, note doodles, our hair problems.

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