Evans McCook

Emily: give daddy a kiss, your horses, me always inviting myself to your house, all your family functions, Callie, Beau, my love for your car, your parents liking me more than you, how I am constantly paying for you, Sea Island trips, Raymond, mario kart, DERP DERP, 300, 2% milky nation, “What’s for dinner?”, Charlie from the beach, family vacays to Amelia, white outfit nights, Mommy, Tim, BOB, me in heels, my voice, Kristin, the rug your great grandmother handmade, Johnny Appleseed, your upstairs, Friday nights, Skim thicc, your lectures, Texas, tearing my ACL, my aunt and uncle’s bathroom at the beach, when you cried on the porch at the beach, Brogens, Fetty concert, Waldo, Ivy League, your curfew, when we almost died twice on Thanksgiving break, “ma knee hurts”, Fort Gaines, our box seats at the Ole Miss game, Mrs. Dunn, Tommy, picking up lane, the porch with Tim Carey: Kimmy, C, your red shirt night on SB, basketball, your scalp, “I need help”, piggy back rides in Tuscaloosa, when I broke my ankle, losing your phone at Destin’s, roommates on SB 4 years in a row, your bed on spring break, Todd, the snow day, my dad, corrupting Shorter, study hall, our fights, reps, sophomore year graduation party, “World peace is the answer to everything”, my dad jumping off your car, my aunt and uncle’s bathroom at the beach, when we went to the Rookery at 12:30, panda, headlines, the Christmas party, Jonesy, Tallahassee, go moles, music midtown sophomore year, your ear problem, the rave, Mrs. Dunn Gracie: Daddy’s money, Shell gas station, your dad owning Sea Island, Steph, 2% milky nation, GEEB, us being the smartest in the friend group, 300, Mommy, eating toilet paper, yelling at you in Athens, when we went to the Dawg Pound with Emily, my aunt and uncle’s bathroom at the beach, the white beetle, Hawaii, Mrs. Dunn, your soft head, our GPAs, Tommy, Paula’s big glass, extremely regretful car rides, the river, Brogens, Holidays at Skims, pound cake ED: Emma Kathryn, Gucci, Charleston Chicks, peach game, “I’m OVER it,” first day on Spring break, Dr. Chris, Donk by Soulja Boy, my broken ankle, if you will, when I gave a hug and stepped on both of their feet in 8th grade, states of matter song, softball, Coach Brown’s speech 8th grade year, when you had the flu sophomore year graduation, your mole, when you were thick, PB, nattys, Georgia football, first position, Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, please *dance* with me, music midtown buddy, day 2, GA/FL, Slime season, popcorn chicken from Sonic, BK, my calls to Dominos Mei Mei: study hall, how stupid we are, you jumping off my roof, spend the night parties, the snow day, school nights, Mary, my car on New Years, “fire is what can make or break us, victoria secret fashion shows, Civic Club Show, Spencer Caroline: Durkee, when I gave a hug and stepped on both of their feet in 8th grade, States of matter song, car rides with Nancy, Don’t Like, how predictable you are, Carey’s red shirt night, Bo Fricks, Kristin, yelling at you in Athens, Shorter, Tallahassee, go moles, the long weekend Lucy: Lulee, your garage, Jay and Paige, when we went to MT in stacks, cousins, losing your wallet, copenhagen long cut Olivia: Alex, Skeeta and Mary Mobley, charcuterie platter, gouda, “Do something stupid please”, my outfit on western day Pete: your cookies, rolling people, your neighbors>, Christmas Eve, the woods at Halloween sophomore year Dooey: driving you everywhere, my necklaces, Oxford, EG, It’s Raining Men, you being the favorite child, Not Ready to Make Nice, “Dad I’m going to Emily’s to study”, being the smartest child, ear muffs Greg: tennis, sonic, dasani water bottle, school nights, my car on New Years, fetty concert, your sense of direction, Estes Road, when my car broke at the river, Kodak and Migos, Megadock, Earth, Wind, and Fire, the electrical room Charlie: your pen, gorilla glue, the snow day, the driving range, Theo, stargazing, please eat Bubbles next year while Emily is gone, your car at Emily’s farm Hughes: the driving range, when you called me and Emma big fat turds, Pueblo, stargazing Kelly Boy: future husband, neighbors, Lucky, you and Tommy’s hot wheels in the creek, driving to Agape, my insurance Trey: forking, Fourth of July, Lucky Shanes, my dad, the fair, getting gum stuck in my ahir, junior year prom picture, your facial hair Clifton: when we dated in 7th grade, Emily, Caroline, and Gracie’s party Andrew: Chad, Dewey, Ole Miss, my preschool love Evie: CARDIIII, jp, wall twerking, Halloween Caroline S: NYE, Sadie Hawkins, Goose, basketball Liz: the bathroom, paying for all your meals, driving you everywhere, the dunes on Spring Break Drake: Bubbles, basketball, paying for all your meals, New Year’s slumber parties, Jack Holly: Holls, our slumber party at Drake’s New Years Eve, snoring, FCA at Mercer Griffin: Math class, Mr. Stecher liking me more than you, you getting my phone taken away, tennis, your dates Dell: my voice

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