Denny Nguyen

Denny Nguyen

Alex​: a new jacket, the woodchip you threw at me in 5th grade, ​Jake​: Mrs. Gordillo’s room during 8th grade, a new haircut, gas money for driving us, ​Cole​: five yeets and a roll tide, Carson​: a new water bottle, the same sandwich for years, ​Mark & Carter​: the home-run spike diamond wall king, ​Om & Rush​: the random old people walking in the middle of the road @ the neighborhood, ​Nick​: a fortnite win cause he’s terrible at games, ​The Failing Physics Crew: Stephen Grubb, Travis, Noah, Austin, and Alex Buehler​: the homework I never did, ​Travis​: a new lanyard, ​Stephen Grubb​: my hope that you stop doing that dance in physics, ​Aman​: go panthers, ​Lucas​: the tech club, ​Andrew Moring​: a restraining order, ​George Seagraves​: a hoodie that isn’t teared, ​Amelia​: tom cruise, ​Tony​: a jar of dirt, ​Johnny​: that time I fell in your lake trying to get on the jetski, humanities, a quieter car, ​Tobe​: naruto,​ ​my will to live, the fifteen community service hours you needed the day before the deadline, the right string for the string project, ​Austin​: fast hands, ​Noah​: sunny-d, ​Alex Buehler​: league, ​Steve​: pre-calc struggling, lots of games, napping during APES, ​Jourdain​: a big ole boat, ​Bsuggs​: doing nothing in watercolor during junior year, ​Tyler​: that life is strange game we played during humanities, Logan​: logang, ​Jadyn​: the 30 colleges you applied to, ​Michael​: your monday morning assembly jokes, ​Mr. Nicodemo​: ​​.

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