Clifton Olmstead

Clifton Olmstead

Evie: Whatever helps you sleep at night, Big E, Scooter, Going deer hunting, movies, hot tub with the quad, “sorry” x 1000, CC, Idle Hour card, seashell cross, lisp, Promposal, waffle house, Barbs. Jase Smith: dropping bombs, 21st at bat. Stetson Hatcher: abrieves. William McCormick: Screech, Ghost Pepper. Carter Nystrom: World Series hat Bond: Howie. Caroline Sutherland: Roll, The handshake, G– Squad, Larson, Sadie Hawkins. Will Baxley: tryna cop a, post xc bp, running 35s, voice emodulation, Jolly Green Giant, Science building bathroom. Will Deal: Smith and Wesson. JT: Chub, no hitter, Ava, Brokeback crew. Hall Buice: Skylar, my fastball velo, Slowest 85 mph I’ve seen, PO Dell Sikes: The Quad, my box cutting skills, hose piece, just go to the PGA, shortstop, my playing time, Roxy. John Bickley: BOXY, your pizza hat. Graham: Son, Sammy, Nigel, Hampton, Stank, birthday, the scream, hit it one time. John Morgan: Teener, Party at the pole barn, Fortnite. Grant: Party at the pole barn, P Brain. Harrison: Party at the pole barn, playing time. Trey Bumgarner: Big Diesel, Bufford, Month 3 homie. Luke Haney: Party at the pole barn, Secan’s. Jamie: aaaaooooooggggg. Charlie: Theo Autumn: Fall, Streak, bestfriend, Jumping my truck off after prom, hitting lessons, Juco, Jones County, Fink. Andrew: Pitcher/Catcher duo, BAMS, Sand Gnats, Blaze, Bashers, Vine Ingle, Chad, H&F Burgers. Trey: Tattnall, party at the pole barn, roost pond, top water, My first Fort Gaines trip…, Hawkinsville, liver failure, Chasen and his dog, Crazy Frog, BAMS, The Blaze, BAMS, Seminole, the cups at the masters, Beating Tattnall, 10th grade study hall, “Can I have eggs easy over medium”. Sammy: Boyfriend, 500 combined innings pitched (maybe more), my track career, Crazy Frog, getting clawed on SB, Beating Tattnall, “Better than Disney World” Jack: Party at the pole barn, Pre SSI trips to the Dell, Sleep in duck hunts, Black duck hybrid, La Quinta inn, Pomminto cheese wheat thins and pickles, Aim a little bit higher…, Donnie Baker, BAMS, Seminole, The titanic, “Better than Disney World”, Collie Man, my lamp and wall John: JAWN, building duck blinds, duck hunting, your first turkey, hawkinsville, Storm and your golf cart, Donnie Baker, Guitar, Banjo, Nascar, Talladega, Stolen golf cart, The titanic, Seminole Michael: Pregame driving range, golf bets, the cabin. Kevin: Sand Gnats, Go Royals, Talladega. Tori: Picking you up at 5 am, Dinner with Mrs. Amy, the fair, Spring Break sophomore year, Athens trips. Emma: Bowl, Box and Bowl, Pizza, Eeeeema, “This is Dr. Veto you’re expelled” – John, 7th Period, eeemmmm, the scorpion, Coach Treadway, driving your car back from Athens, Fat but frat. Evans: That time we “dated” in 7th grade, the river Caroline D: you’re louder than me thank you very much, Dell. Lucy L: My awkwardness in 9th grade. Gracie H: G-Swizz, headbuts, handshake, 19 tardies. Jake J: Blondy, Ellen, “You’re house is so far out of the way”, Adios Amigo, Ingleside Crew. Steve D – XC, Smomtoh, run fast…, the bed situation on spring break, being late everyday, “I’m a betta”, Pre-Cal, Talladega, “Better than Disney World”. Cal W: XC, Smomtoh, being late everyday, “I’m a Betta”. Larson: Caroline, The crew, G Squad, 5 Home runs and 5 Goals. Emily S:  Chubby cheeks, sugar momma, Eeemmm, Let me tell you how to get to the La Quinta Inn, having a “crush” on me, Andrew, Ingleside Crew. Carter G: SB trip to the La Quinta Inn Tucker: Duck Blinds, triple threat, the van, Ingleside crew, walking to ace, Trev Beach

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