Ellie Peterson

Miller Ann: Shaky Knees, bible verses, phiten necklace, exiting the interstate, IVP, average breadsticks, precal everyday, Mike Hughes, the Westin, concerts, Snowsa, ice tub. Dr. Dromsky: Sam, future family holidays, lifesaver mints, daily conversations, come visit us in Athens! Lucy Lee: Lulee, L squared, mio, nana’s blanket, swimming chicken, Papa Jay, walkin’ talkin’ etc., pheasant shooting, “allergies” or tears, my brother, the Satilla. Carey: 100 hills, 100 burpees, ballet days, the best soccer practice of 2018, 4th of July, Stephen, fins up. Greg: OMG tennis, Monny, Caleb B, Scared of the Dark, the speed limit, arguments with Cochran, 4 more years. Sammy: the indian painting in my house. Jake Jamison: babycakes, 2nd brother, 11, soccer, you wore that shirt yesterday, Princess Ames, a ride. Steve: XC, Betty, Katie is my favorite, precal confusion. Stephen: are we friends right now?, the ugly duckling rain coat, MM 2015. Evans: rolling Steve’s house, JP III, fins up. Catherine: Cathy, cinches, trilogy, uno dos tres, Disney, Chance (not the rapper), SH 2017, halloween, bananas, candy corn, Joshy. Emily: the woods, “PETE,” your mhouse, first Luke Bryan concert, Rush Patel. Kevin: future barn parties, Dirty K, go dawgs. Ellie Cleveland: Eclev, “G,” white trucks, Ex to See, sun-kissed, Petenis, Gabe, Naomi, fins up. Sydnie: go noles, beating FPD sophomore year, horses, the worst, PSJ, Lele, a visit in Valencia, coffee in your room, dab on em. Gracie: corn pup, Palmetto Bluff, the Butler youtube video, XC?, Soccer? Marta: Moose, XC, Jeremy, Dilldawg, halloween, “I can’t talkkk,” Disney Datknee, koi pond, Moe’s, moon taxi. Caroline Durkee: locked in the basement, hershey kisses, on the beach, Truly though. Carter: halloween, the woods. Hughes: sb 2017, Jimmy Johns, a new side mirror for your car. Logan: XC, “suppp,” our sarcasm, my bestie, OGLH, hooty hoo. Tori: TD, Amy & JP’s friendship, track then soccer, GATA. Josh: Joshy is back, 2013 F150, Statesboro next year, ski trips, OGLH, my baking skills, boys boys boys, GATA. Cochran: Elsa & eyebrows, “Cock,” bearstock 2016, curly hair, the parody paper, you won’t, Señor Caleb, PSJ, a college decision, go buffs I think? XC Team: cinches, SeXC, drills drills drills, 400’s, Disney, morning practice, COACHHH, Hurricane Matthew, szechuan sauce. Sarah: Mom, Sayrie, Dreidelpimp, 8th grade peak, MM 2015, chinese food, cracked eggs, post NYE, cheese straws, negativity, ,Bobby Dodd stadium, the society garden, hooty hoo, new popcorn, your backyard, good morning Sarah Michael. Larson: Johnny’s favorite, prom 2017, soccer injuries, go vols. Emmie Cate: FOJ, the tattoo, go dawgs. Carolynn: Sam & the carrot harvesting stretch. Maimee: Maimee Jane & Petey girl, XC practice occasionally, rad. Sara Kate: corruption, Elizabeth’s terrible playlist, the lake house, come visit me. Emory: XC, soccer, Clemson, the dog interview. Will Deal: smith & wesson, precal jokes, did them dirty, a 38. Drake: stop burping, pepto bismol, soccer memories. Luke Haney: the most obnoxious questions in precal. John Thomas Carter: smith & wesson. Mei Mei: Meimus, World Cultures & Holocaust, rabbit food, soccer MVP. Catherine & Ellie: the trilogy, RICO, Speaker Knockerz, Husko Gang. Cochran, Olivia, & Sydnie: PSJ, Robby, the mysterious alligator, beach bonfires, Texas boys. Lucy & Mei Mei: honey bbq fritos and chicken. Olivia & Sloane: tea and Don Quijote. Sydnie & Catherine: peace y’all can roll.

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