Akshay Ranabhotu

Tejas: socks, shoes, glasses, Mr. Free’s map, monkey noises, cancer research, Shawn look alike, colleges, Model UN, snapchat instagram and phone number=, slight dabs, dances during halftime show, Ta-broccoli, Taco-bell, swampy 2.0, roast battles, tennis, clumpy curls, “fights” with Carson, crash cushion, OSHA violation, trash can project, Zika, malaria, every other disease, UV filter bought off Amazon, daddy double drop, pinky, stinky, Patel, Zumdahl, Farty Party, Ding DONG, meat, hidden meat in pizza, NovoToro, ab picks to Durso, marble abs, AP Chem jokes Greg: moonballs, 2 doubles, OSHA report, monkey screams, UGA, Tejas impressions, Model UN Preston: Ding Dong, Patriots gear, TB12 gear, Deflated footballs, clown feet, chem jokes, chem labs at Starbucks Nick: lacrosse, Dente Ice Gum Aman: Ding DOOONNNGG, No shave forever, a clock Nischal: roasts, lacrosse, spring break, math team trophies, chapstick Mark: tennis, athlete of the week, 3D printers, Flash, DC Legends, Justice League (not very good), Black Panther (really good), Quiz Bowl Captain Shawn: Tejas look alike, a new Mercedes, drivers ed (yield before turning left), Matching outfit with car, Harvard, chess boards, chess pieces, chess empowerment, rides to long/short lunch, chess is not a sport Sahan: Sa-goblin, goblin, rage gene, Bearstock, broken tennis rackets, HOCO/Prom king, endless stories, goblin tales, story jar, Finance club president, Woodguy, clean shaves, indian accent Tobe: anime, rolling backpack, “signs of aggression,” Stanford, D1 recruits, socks and flops, Chukka Tripp: tennis, rides to home, history/social studies, spring break, bowl cut, sausages, lemonade water, Model UN practices Rushabh: Unrealistic stories, hotels, gas stations, Milton and Hilton story, more stories, debate camp stories, Japan and Germany, Taco-bell, Supreme, swampy Carson: a water bottle, Magic the Gathering, Tammy, dogs, a fake leather jacket, wargaming club Sammy: physics worksheets, personal days Kevin: boxing lessons, golf Samuel: tennis rackets, necklaces, tweeners David: a really southern accent Daniel: “COME ON!,” Rolex Ruzan: a moustache Sean Malhotra: Bottle of Nutella, Ghee Azeem: hair gel, a Giants winning season, more hair gel, a tiger Dr. Dromsky: printer ink, a safe trip to Texas, a great senior year Mr. Stecher: math team, Stech-yar, Stech-dad, Waffle House, intern Mr. Kelley: college essays, high-speed bus rides, design, Model UN

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