Sydnie Rouleau

Catherine: banana boat, buffalo chicken dip, gas station bananas, woody, therapy, the bears, my house, tickle the albino cat, scar tissue live, Cavs, Nana, my secret (that’s not really a secret), your secret (also not a secret) gordon smith, MDS Sadies, separation anxiety, you and my bed when I left my house that one time!, Sarah’s only friends, you waiting outside every class for me, Argentina, Mormons, emoness, sophomore year spring break, spanish speaking countries Sarah: chip, the loft, shakes, snuggles, bankie and binkie, friday night lights, nelson, lisa, and lance, Uncle Charles, The Mercer Lax Commits, HOCO, camelbacks, that time we accidentally owed your mom $200, Mr. Kelley, sharing/stealing clothes Emmie: Chihuahua girl, brads cookies, the virgin mary, matching mercer rain jackets, Cole Fischer, Ritz bathroom, Music Midtown Miller: Sadies 2k17, rhpc, IVP, cheesecake, wesleyan woods, revivalists, Sahan’s driveway Pete: Kicking you out of the hotel room, Granola, Shakes, coach morrison, candy corn, FPD game Jr year, my mom, PSJ, Robby Logan – the mission, age 30, Lance, Mr. N, late night phone calls where you teach me an entire unit of Vertebrates, our year long relationship, underclassmen, complaining about Josh and Catherine, my garage door Josh – road trip to warner robins, those 2 weeks when you hated me, you tucking me in, head scratches, my eating habits Sammy- the cavs, my self esteem, Jr year Prom, Best Bros, facetiming before Gov tests and failing them everytime, growling, all of your problems, shams, your hot roommate Sloane: you always texting me when I cry, VSCO, Robert Greg- coming to my house at 8 am, tennis shop, Mr. Kelley, rhcp, your annoying dogs Grayson: Your dad, Henry, Henry’s bed, clearwater pool, pancakes Amelia: getting sick every year after music midtown, coach chabot, Coleman from MDS Tori: when we weren’t friends, sadies jr year competition, spring break, all my clothes you stole Cochran: PSJ, that girl that posted you on her finsta, goldfish, Roby Olivia: Shannon, Middle Georgia State, Steven, forced prom sleepover, reading quizzes Caroline: Yemma, heart to hearts, my english quizes Lucy: jeaneans, rooming at Wesleyan, the beach trip with Janie Hatcher Ellie C: Nino, that time Will Deal beat TJ, Cooper Parker: Dr. Phil, Bearstock Ellie Minette: Achy Breaky Heart Tejas/Preston: all the docs you didn’t share with me TOSG: horses, saving Catherine’s life, passive aggressive comments in the snapchat gm, saksgiving, saksmas, the hill OGLH: harrison, lance, all the freshmen girls, when Baxley was in the gm, “chick”en minis, treats, soccer games, Smith and Wesson, my bed, Windsor Academy, Ashleigh, Shouse, Graham, Deal’s stories, my whole heart Cubans: being the meanest humans at this school, goldfish, plastic water bottles, us going extinct, downtown macon,( o)possums  Lance: chickfila, shakes, harry potter, mom and dads wrath Layne: Horton Gracie B: Sadies Kaitlyn: Coach Chabot, sleepovers, hazing Marta: the play, Doogie Anna Grace: Vball (sike), Chicken Piccata Lillie Sweet: Weird Mexican food, Crest Whitening Strips Will Deal: Smith and Wesson, the camo hat, Prom, a couple rounds<3 JT: Smith and Wesson (sorry I had to)  Lucy and Liza: eskimos, being the only ones Sarah likes, spring break Baxley: Catherine, memes, late night convos Kendall: 48 minutes

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