Logan Thomas

Sydnie: SASB, Big Guy, 5 ½, Walmart Brand Woody, Buffs or maybe Seminoles, Spain, your house, OGLH Catherine: Josh, your rude brother, OGLH, Extra Chocolate Blizzards, Reese Waters Sarah: Hooty Hoo, AYE SAYRIE, your glasses, Alex the favorite child, Jolley boy, your pool table, large bolts, water bottles, Camelbaks Parker: Porter, whipping the Mercedes, SSI, quicksand Josh: WAC, brother Baxley, tig brucks, 7 ¼, hats inside, balding, spring break warriors Pete: Ray of Sunshine, my love, XC, soccer girls>>>, Double Stuf, ain’t goin outside today Deal: Gentleman, boys boys boys, Smith and Wesson, Saint Vill, horses, ceramics Emmie: EYAMIEEE, Brad, sweet Bo, Vikings forever, PUBG with your dad, driving Josh’s F150 Nischal: Spring break, Everywhereeeee, Bakugan Tripp: The trailer, spring break, music midtown, hotdogs Carter: home room, VineIngle baseball, being amazing at basketball, swagiators Steve: 7th grade summer, going to the beach, it’s all an illusion Aman: math class, Cherry Street, SSI, Atlanta bros, multiple girlfriends Iak: soccer, Greece, EDM Hadley: Weagles, “it’s fun”, Yug, vine, fat head, hatred Kendall: XC, Disney World, prom, favorite freshmen, fake knee injuries, constantly fighting, little looks, your mom, sarcasm Poss: MADELYN POSS, driving by your house, Sharptop Cove Holly: Wedding ring, John Bickley, being grounded 24/7 Niya: neighbors, Sadies, clouds Kate: sarcasm, soccer, frenemies HA: Harry Dan Nick D: soccer, FIFA, horror movies, your house, enos, short shorts, salad Maimee: Maimee with a G, almost running me over, speech impediments, tonight yes tonight, YL GB: group snaps, long hugs in the hallway, eternal love, marriage Karen: KAREN Todd: TODDDDDD, Graham, Quapie, dance moves, left back, J-piece Graham: GRAHAM, long hugs, sick handshakes, LT for 3 JT: Smith & Wesson Baxley: Catherine Delves: soccer, abusing freshmen Kieran: Karma, wrestlers, eating St. Vil: spring break, soccer, YA LT PBrew: Ceramics, clay projectiles, constantly injuring yourself in sculpture, big dad Ben: Rec league soccer, ceramics, getting yelled at, laughing at Preston Sam: Sammons, trips to the beach at night, awkward smiles in the hall Molly: Mollyyyyyy, tender moments, hugs, complaining about life together John Morgan: tree wells, 95 degree weather, wilt watch, nasty handshakes Bobby: Sadies Hawkins, tree wells, wrecking carts, beehives Hughes: Huge, FIFA, Benoit, JV soccer captains, constantly getting PT, a new retina Jayce: Michael Jackson’s vocal chords, being a tool Kiki: abusing Rohan, abusing Jay, abusing Knox, abuse in general, ceramics, mac and cheese Jay: safe travels on your journey, Friday April 27 2018, James Michael Tucker: being great at everything, soccer, ceramics, the van, Rohan Nathan: making captain mad at every possible moment Jake J: soccer, OY CAPT’N, Jeff Tomberlin Carson S: Fake online tests, aux Lolly: Posse, swagger Lila: Sarah, Bobby, odd man out Claudia: XC, Disney World, April 27th Miller Ann: Miiiiiellllllerrrrrr, getting caught, rising above the obstacles in your life, whipping w a soda, APES Jourdain: BIG BOATTTTTT, soccer studs, Yacht Club, WAC, sweet Cathy

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