Ellie Minette

Matt Newberry: degrees-y hot, New York round 1000, massive deal, sasha fierce, Abbey the loml, calling at the worst times, maps and globes, Tourettes, I’m awake Laura!, dogs dogs and more dogs, ben crawford, the costume shop (yes I’m leaving this to you, take care of it), unwatched twitter videos, silent conversations about people we hate (aka everyone), more dogs, weagle morning practice with starbucks, that drug deal we saw, hours and hours of facetime, marinate, fazoli’s, LUIIIIIS, dogs, *mentions food* i hate that― i love that… are we surprised? Nope, DC, rebsue, “SHE’S FRAGILE,” Leah, letting me fall asleep on your shoulder even if you’re uncomfy, ~being my better half~, screaming Ed Sheeran, LeT’s TaKe ThE sCeNiC rOuTe, JCS brownies, more dogs, lots of instagram DM’s as if we don’t follow all the same people and see all the same information, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”, Jack lowkey hating us, “Can’t… laurie made pasta”,Morgan Mathis: lunch dates, haircuts by DK, agnes and felicity, Who’s who?, endless Grandma jokes that I cannot write all of, “3, 2, 1, FLY!!!”, meow, Ms. Waters and Ms. Haynie, ice cream, Preston Kennedy: one semester of study hall, not seeing you for weeks on end, AP Euro take home tests, your dogs, sand in the bathtub,Jeffery Hale: corner talk, dating according to F, the Edwina sway, Elle Woods, hating everyone, THE COLLEGE OFFICE, donuts, being on stage for .0000006% of the winter musical, the chalkboard, Thea, putting up posters, Emily Fackler: Mr. Dr. Shelf, Harry Potter robes, dogs, tech booth, Meggie Avalotis: I leave you the Drama Club― take care of it and nurture it. Also leaving you mangos and guava in hopes that you’ll try them. Noah: tolerating my affection and love. AP Statistics: The Quote Book, the group message, the brown hulk, never have 100% attendance, cowbell birthdays, “Circle up!”, Drama Club: my love for each and every one of you. Break a leg! Squad: maybe being 100% at graduation and then never again Austin: I just love you so much Ms. Haynie: You have taught me so much and I love you so much. New York Trip 2017: honestly everything. Especially Sylv “pole dancing”, my hat and @branuran Ms. Chabot: thanks for the printer Ms. Chabot’s homeroom: being the only ones to know the announcements Mr. Ethridge: helping so many people in help desk every day Katherine Hall: KATHY!!!!!  Weagles: Plaid. Dougie: a banquet and my plaque Thirty Thirsty Thespians: Break a leg next year and fingers crossed there are no more bugs in El Som’s food Sarah and Sydnie: not doing any work today Amelia Bunker: Nick Cooley, hedgehogs, London, “have you ever heard a dog bark in a british accent?,” Agony, gingeraffe, falling asleep on very car ride and leaving you to talk to Hal, Margo Hannan: Bree and Humphrey AP English 4: my deep understanding of Emma, New China Buffet, Buzzword, and toasters 3rd period Genetics: the dolphin that loved me Spain Trip: pastries for breakfast, falling asleep in every vehicle, ~romance~, ANTI-JOKES, Where’s Jeremy?, exchange student model pics, curtains, Carolynn’s rebirth, Janie’s rage, and of course: COME AT ME Tom Richey: saving my butt sophomore year and macon water Jack Minette: Coolio Maddie Fackler: “We’re related.” Sarah Pyles: getting stuck in a trashcan Kenzie Muenzer: “She’s coming back!!!” The Harry Potter Fan Club: you know who you are To everyone I undoubtedly left out: I love you and I’m sorry!


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