Layne Davis

Hadley: rose and celery, matty freaking smokes, NYE uber, music midtown, mr. postman, hizzuh, so to speak, any party ever, senior year sadies showertime, quoting vines, Belize love songs, canoeing in Belize, clown do you do private parties, SNAIL, RBF, videostars, that one Mercer game, Jago, Anna Kate’s floor finds, your toothbrush, washing me and my clothes, SHUT UP yes, lost chicken fry in my car, being the two most energetic singers at Exodus, being 3 hours late to dinner in St. Simons because we took selfies in your car, double dates at Crabdaddy’s, Krystal on pillow, taking pretty snapchats of you, snuggle time, me liking your mom more than you, Fatniss, peeing on you (sorry), Tallulah can you throw it in a circle, ICE, our traditional dancing foot video at parties, stealing the big skull head full of candy, flamin hot funyuns, security deposit, our grad party because I know it will be good

Molly: Otay, aloe, art, 3D with Jamal, Molly Snail, Puerto Rico, ski trip, exodus, penny pasta, tracy leakies, Belize, bro that’s wild, you ugly, face, legs, Dwarfaws, impulse nervous decision, picking me up from downtown, prayers for Mar, IVP, directionally challenged, toes, possum hunting, soft hands, Byron, ski trip headboard, cobalt kitty lipstick, flying chocolate chips in my car, lunch at Carlyle, the Toby’s, let me hear you satisfy, A Dog’s Purpose, doing my art, ATV, Janice Jackson Harold, my senior pictures looking like Violet from the Incredibles, Melvin, photoshoot in Belize, that ain’t no problem, yes of course, Mary Nelson’s cat, Jody’s fish hands, Fiona the hippo, singing First Class, Druvy, my twitter likes, Gucci flip flops, our IFF film, VSCO feet, southern journeys

Caroline Cole: Subway, senior year study hall, I wanna hold your toast, Beautiful, everything Mercer, UNC Asheville, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Mr. Ethridge, logging into your snapchat, Yung Nugget, science building sidewalk, black bean quesadilla, that time i broke your nose in English, peeing your pants before Sadie’s, tier 1 tennis, eating your chewed gum, Mercer dance team, my lazy eye, cooking shows

Holland: Belize, Exodus, ASMR, so juicy, so sweet, A Dog’s Purpose, there’s a dead rat in a cracker lets poke it, Fatniss i’m scared, Shi-thead, Suessical, a sleeping Maddie in my lap, eating Anna Kate’s gummy worm, ski trip plague, moving Anna Kate’s stuff with a stick

Mary Lynes: Boogie Wonderland, Sadie’s 2017 (sorry), Good Burger, Suessical jams sessions, hannah montana jam sessions, fetty, Agape, Idle hour, Marco, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Athens, LP, Henry Burns park, Ike, Mrs. Lolis, our homemade movies on my computer, getting into a physical altercation at Double, Double, Chi Phi, SAE, Dominoes, my dad

Devon: anything Mercer, Mercer library, Seaside trips, uno dos TRES, getting split up at the Post Malone concert at La Vela… still upset you didn’t save me, Luke thinking Kaleigh’s name was Kelsey.. Awkward, dates at Margaritas, Post Malone obsession, going to Post Malone literally not knowing one song, Cory, Ian, Jordan, kaleigh and will, chancellor, my shoebox in my closet

Griffin: kids nights at Calientes, that one time Grant caught the kitchen on fire at Spring Break, that one time Buster pulled Grant’s pants down, all of our nerf fights at your house, that one time Andy Lawson made you cry, cruise

Kaitlyn: Kendrick, canoeing in Belize, spraying me with pesticide, taking 3 years to send pictures from your camera

Anna Parel: throw up, videostars, Triangle, watching HUSH, the theatre room with Ashlin

Katherine: Omegle, Reggie the dreds guy

Autumn: Ruin by Shawn Mendes, junior year spring break, your obsession with fighting giraffes, All I Need (One More Drink), music midtown

Ashlin: Mimis, passing out at Post Malone, GO BEARS!!!, Maria

Marta: moon taxi, Pepe, little debbies

Molly Groves: Asprego, Sandi Marie, tier 1 tennis, spring break roomate, talking gibberish after St. Patrick’s day

Will Baxley: prom, cankles, Griffin, your dog

Maimee: Athens, Mrs. Fink, balloon animal, cutting our hair in pre-k, August Royals, cutting your finger off, Fila shoes

Whitney: Santa Mama, Destin, neighbors

Anna Durso: science lessons with your mom, lava lamp, music midtown, Geovani, thinking someone was breaking in your house, that time you choked at the cross country meet, the Highlands, peeing on my shirt, peeing on the chair in the bathroom when we were in the Highlands, Bragg jam

Gracie Bell: GeEeEeEb, Rock with you, that one time at music midtown, that one time after the football game, that one time at hadleys, carrots, pee in Layne’s shoe


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