Caroline Horn

Booker T- the river, the lake, maimee’s basement, hot tubbing, spring break, my house, first class by rainbow kitten surprise, shallow,

Karen- those guys at music midtown, tundra, milly, binkie, punkin, 5 hours on tiktok, taboo tattoo, sid, toomey, gabe’s, tripp’s, lake trips, dickey’s, SVU,  almost wrecking that one time, study hall, meet u at bk, cooking at krystal, delicate, 4th of july, mama zee, yes master, woody, krystal, fetty wap, never wanting to spend the night, “no no no”, Mrs Neville

Betsy- betty, james, tinners, mac and cheese, spag, everything with a ers at the end, peaches, marco, wes, rosie, the pups, bhad bhabie, delicate, spending the night, salami, music midtown, you’re a liar and a … , Sunday waffle house, gabe’s, tripp’s, chick fil a, sophomore boys, your river house, gabe’s, tripp’s, lilys, bathtub, fetty wap = sad night , krystal, roll tide, Jeffrey’s Christmas party, Steve, Sammy

Maimee- actually the same person, “hi how are ya”, bhad bhabie, billie, ex on the beach, criminal minds, sophomore boys, Loy, meet u at bk, study hall, fetty wap, kinda awkward, st patrick’s day, so many rants, why do you hate me, dominoes, delicate, mac and cheese, crying in your car,

Josie- study hall, fetty wap, spring break, griffin, GGDB, my parents, roll tide

Drake- Austin, that one time at dunkin donuts, sad music, your terrible driving, tattnall boys, crying 24/7, ollie, athlete, dating your little brother, New Years sophomore year, Josh and Conner

Emory- getting way too close to fetty wap, my birthday party, ben’s room, jonathan, trolling, hadleys, blow drying my pants… twice,

Marta- troll, fetty wap, trixie, zilla, shawn shivdat’s, music midtown, stolen card and cash, machington mansion, the spend the night bag

Charlie- adele, karen, garage, athens, spring break, mrs. boswell, mr. stecher, from the D to the A, lubba, alright peace, never letting us go to fort gaines, dickey’s, apple bees, Jill

Hughes- fighting over aux, cankles, passing out at music midtown, spring break, waitr, flipping karen on the float

Luke- yankee, prom, cooking out, twiggs, your embarrassing dance moves, smart but also dumb, the most spastic human, weird music app, the speaker

John Morgan- prom, always zipping my bookbag, UNG, ole miss, i miss lucy, so frat

Jonathan- my birthday party, ben’s room

Jack- never letting me drive, your terrible music taste, “can we pleaseee go through the drive thru”, GOT, my house

Ellen- riding around for 5 hours, I know by Big Sean, SO much food, wendy’s, chick fil a, bk, taco bell, I will pull over right now, ellen shut up, meet u at bk, youth, BIG church girl, hitman, you’re so annoying

Taylor- Wesley, your house, my parents

Elizabeth- your pool, genetics

Lillie Sweet- never shutting up about dylan, 5th period

Josie Lamb- kiss cam, my bday party, my bed

Mary lynes- thriving at your house, your chapstick and blow dryer

Raelen- always making fun of me, riding around, “I can pull any girl”, lil baby

Hall- I’m in love with you

Nick- the groupme

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