Meggie Aivalotis

Hamp: moody, Billy the shark, I love you more even if you say more, wink wonk, that one time in the moes parking lot, better go catch it, you just got got by the getter who likes to get got, baby steps, stork steps, spin the knife, SB 2k19, horses and animals in general, your sweatshirts, playing games on your computer, Garland’s house, phone calls, November 28th, Roan and Richard, buppy
Riley: yee, music midtown bruno mars, reeeeee, train tracks, lola the goat, prom 2k17 (keys), how the cookie crumbles, vetae, smoothie king , “can I have an oreo…. can I have all the oreos?”, Literary 2k19, wii wrestling, dance fights, decorating for X-Mas, singing songs under the X-Mas tree, the church by your house, my love for your dogs, the river trips, sunburn and freckles, Adam
Abby: cheer camp, that one week your freshman year that started in the theatre room, spin the knife, making signs, weird noises, singing off key, Angel, vines, cherry garcia, letting me try on your clothes when I’m sad, Garland
Sav: Sabrina the teenage witch, nausea, girls night with cats and candy and face masks, Zayn Malik, getting locked out of your house and walking for 2 hours to your grandparents house
Borf: my beloved brother, weird sounds, never speaking over .02 decimals, insect, slapping me all the time, the laugh thing you do, dressing you in Abby’s clothes
Alex: completely nothing
Kat: dante, vetae, how the cookie crumbles, the basement, skins, freshman year weekends, senior year party, the next year together, birdman, kitty and meggie, vine edits and tumblr, hobby lobby
Preston: handshake from 6th grade, fuzzy lumpkins, that time in middle school (BFFLS)
Carson: cats.
Lucas: our 7th grade love
Stephen: first grade, shared strawberry company, our band, backrubs
Andrew: Martha Bowman Church and Lake Juliette
Noah: summer 2k17, Amerson, Honza! A kielbasa!
Maggie: 4th of July, the ONE time I worked out with you (it hurt)

The Secreter Society: I’m gonna say it, show me (etc.), the reason the secreter society was created, Riley’s house, the camping trip that never happened (the package), the oak tree, rock paper scissors, playing football while Noah and Riley sing, compliment circle, love :,)
Anna Parel: Pat, Paul, and all our children, amstar, workouts, “just cover it with a towel”, you fixing my hair with your ribbons, cheer camp
Izzy: minecraft, horses, rants, turtle2k, middle school squad (iykyk), shared hatred for that one guy (iykyk)
Sam: budgie! cheer camp forever, dickey farms date, dance videos
Carter: dirty dancing, cheer camp, you always helping me in french
Matt: my scar from you pinching me during Anything Goes, drama club<3, and all the shows together
Kenzie: 8th grade, Halsey, BTS, video games, puppies and bunnies, soccer games, kiddo, starbucks, pvris
Sai: AP classes, smosh
Andrew Delves: making you uncomfortable, I love you, better go catch it, drooling M&Ms, getting stuck in the woods

Aaron: all the lunches under the oak tree, being your mentor

Austin: the last 16 years that started at Northway Church

Milind: raising you the last year  

Darran: high fives, hand circles, and being your peer mentor

Gavin: not Hampton, not a pencil box, that one time in math class 🙁

Mary Lynes: spring break, wanting to bite my eyelashes, the hottub, Vicky, 50SOG, shopping trips

Mrs. Fleming’s Homeroom: the last four years, forever family


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