Maimee Henderson

booker t

  • family since middle school!, my basement, the lake, our many fights, never getting a good group pic, inside jokes, all of our years together



  • “do you think we’ll get married?”, fighting everyday, taco bell, jay and alexis, LA, long drives, chill music, rufus, cankles, annie!, influencer, love island, spring break every year, roasts, greta, fortnite, problems with every guy, music at break, fainting at music midtown, willa willa, a glass, leaf, i  o, british, margot robbie, culdesac, sun dream, the staircase of the embasea, throwing the heel, nunu, backroads, krystal, horses, sid, teeth, ESKABALELE, EUSTACE!, gunther’s paper route, “it was free”


  • ex on the beach, sophomore boys, senior guys, same person, taki in bed, “can i spend the night?”, “do you hate me?”, “are you mad?”, SB, BK, corn, carrots, chicken nugget, phone calls, rudy, kinda awkward, tik tok, mindy, bhad bhabie, jeffree/james, youtuber relationships, “hi how are ya?”, rants, yelling at each other, punkin and lil cat, easy mac at 12, “can we order pineapple pizza?”, krystal friends, crying over boys junior year


  • netherlands, sophomore year fights, halloween sophomore year, lake trips, athens, KAREN, jess, back porch, basement, chuka, chalee chaggi, chuck, the radio station, your house at 3am, from the D to the A, “stop, stop right now”, EW!, spring break, alright peace, benchwarmers, red velvet cupcake, GOTTA FEED THE CATS, “i’ll brb lol”, “mmm bye”, “i’m not picking i’m scratching”, donna, beef stew


  • wife, tundra, spongebob, fieldstone parade, real housewives of the north pole, horses, sid, jared barn boy, milly, meet me halfway, the lake, the lake sophomore year, the many binkies, surprises, my basement, spending the night, mings, krystal, uber, mds sadies, john garrett, gabe’s, demons at my old house, pat, angel, tik tok, cooking at krystal, “NO NO NO NO NO”, getting mad at me and hughes, checking the trash cans, buckwild


  • minecraft, boys, sophomore year, spaghetti, spending the night, hot tub, riding around, rants, armers, puppies, pat’s neck fat, john fat dog, trampolines, golf cart, uber at fetty wap, freshly cut strawberries, MMITE, ice, bagel bites, hamsters, pongo, our animal business, the fair


  • interventions on spring break, luke bryan, 7th grade, first kiss, first love, the fish off of spongebob, “maimerrrrs”, “johnnyyyy”, athens boy, your bonfire and pool, dad of the group, texting on ipods, mom jokes


  • dumb but smart, embarrassing, cooking out, oldies, dancing together, twiggs, clutz, corn beef hash, yankee, spring break, weird music app, weird speaker, execute and evade, admiral’s passage, creepy encounters

john morgan

  • love of my life, heart to hearts, new years eighth grade, prom, shallows, will you pop my fingers?, will you pop my back?, barry b, admiral, “hey gurlllll”, chris from roosters, “twirl for me”, the oxford trip, long walk to the gas station in oxford, your spanish class sophomore year, magazine sale, athens


  • amelia island, jozie, maimers, griffdawg, dancing and singing, spring break, the J, ice cream in your car, GGDB, ahi tuna, celebrity plastic surgeon, sunshine and pork rinds, cats, hector, baths in amelia, shanking in the bathroom, birthday trips


  • tattnall boys, crying, laughing too hard, spring break, when you went missing on sb, dinners at your house,  tripp’s land, “elevator starts with an L”, college arguments, crying in my car over boys


  • middle school besties, xc, cross country, senior boys, that one night at disney, dino J, the teddy bear, all of us in trouble at xc sophomore year, fetty wap, emo, english freshman year, photo booth pics


  • music midtown, getting caught walking, coach ginny, that night at disney, seXC, moosey, memaw, being too loud, “shhhh”, getting caught by moms, trixie, zilla, english film, the nail place, dis knee dat knee


  • let’s fight, spring break, sharpy toppy, bargain barn, cope, trap money mossy, tik tok boys, me being your nurse, getting feathers, stevie b’s, advice, moss/poss, baja blasts, goodwill, come visit!, crying, snapchat filters, snap texting


  • deep talks, the FOCO girls, bargain barn, campaigners, jam sessions to chicky, being awkward, lilus, boy problems, harmonizing, tik toks/musicallys, idle hour girls, singing our conversations, laughing too hard


  • picking you up, riding around, girl advice, buying you things, you hating my music, “do you know i’m in love with your brother?”, yl, setting you up, “you’re crazy”, LSC talks, baseball games, chauffeur


  • i love you, study hall, fights


  • boy snaps, money problems, math, ap lit, “girllll”, my mom, baseball games



  • diamond girls, lsc run ins, our weird laughing moments, “just text me”


mary lynes

  • athens, our fight in dominos, your house, my glasses, luke spending the night, our AP lit film, friends forever, fights, “i’m not talking to you in college”


  • crying, ap art, “have you finished your project?”, freaking out when you see me, my fila shoes, athens, “MAIMEE!”, “maimee no”



  • swervin’, fighting, driving my car, swerving in the grass, i came thru, you a dog, “i’ll catch up wichu”, “fo sho”, the toe, buying you chicky, charlie’s house, “ew gross”, “you’re so weird”, the cheese dip fight, your Easter gift, your dancing, “yo”, the dog picture, 12 year old, bk, baseball games, our demerit at will’s house, lil baby, teleties, pedro in the whip, “sorry i’m crazy”, “let me have aux”, “one more”, you being grounded, selfies over text, leave me alone, bipolar, “bye”

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