Alyssa Ferland

Maggie McCullough: margaret, algebra 2 with ethridge, our sophomore english class, halloween 2016, too many cats, justin #1 and #2, new year at tripp’s, that one party at my house, homecoming weekend, corey smith on a school night, statesboro, always third wheeling, athens with abbey, kieran, that summer we didn’t talk, the river with cap, thomas, sneaking into riley green, never taking good pictures, the triangle group chat, st. patrick’s day

Will Fackler: homeschool drills, kiawah, wesleyan camp, daniella, gluten, “can i have a ride”, our many dates, ubering from music midtown, khalid, parking ben’s truck, letting me drive your car, craig jones,

David: dave, sadie’s after party, the rookery, prom (sorry), bearstock 2018, fighting about ben, being grounded all summer, carol loving me, idle hour tennis, sesame seeds, doing the dishes, rice, forehead slaps, getting banned from the mall, my love for laura, tortellini, staying at the surles to avoid curfew, “it’s on alleli”, one more year of stratford tennis

Hamp: 135 on the interstate, pinky promises, gnocchi, our ap bio class

Nick: stapling your arm, jet skiing, mabel white, my car at grad party, getting lost at music midtown, eggs

Ben Duke: the mall, waffle house after prom, fights with dave, khalid, grad party, skype calls, dropping gum in my hair, la parrilla, “wait what”, the cheesecake factory, driving to rome, breakfast with zoey, riley green x 2, high five, cradle snatcher, colorado, hilton head, always coming over, dinners with alleli, leeching, my senior prom, sneaking into abbey’s house, grey’s anatomy, asking me to prom :/, party city trips, rascal loving you more, the best (almost) year ever 🙂

Gracie: 7th period intern, unocorns, gossiping with mrs. fleming, having every class together, napping during intern, chico and chang, being bullied by mr. ethridge, card games with kaitlyn

Mrs. Fleming: homeroom mom, never having a whole homeroom, many breakdowns and freak outs, my keys…

Marta: school together for 4 more years,getting trolled by our roommates, showercap, belize

Vivian: driving you to school, key club (cult leader), chem study sessions, our sophomore english class, mr. mclain’s room, haunted montrose, sharing your poetry book, long lunch, pimento cheese, my first car wreck, hadleyween (thanks), always saying i am at your house

Samantha: your “three chicks” shoes, eating your lunch, sadies with pk, kieran, long lunch, ivp, mrs. fleming’s homeroom, eagles nest trips

Alex Stefanis: becoming friends in apush, cult leader, mr. mclain’s room, getting ready for prom together  

Holland: arling and darion

Cap: capitan, new year at tripp’s, brag jamm, my cat eating ants, the next four years together, ap lit together, that one party at my house

Bhavin: 16 fish at the fair, lottery tickets, haunted montrose, the wreck at chickfila, thanksgiving at my house, food truck festival, skype calls, your terrible driving

Hadley: study hall gossip, the “nut” button, physiology, counseling will, forgetting we have assembly

Wild Wings Boys: the girlfriends invading wing night, six flags trip, parties at brannen’s, weekends at laura’s, benji’s wake up calls, waffle house runs, music midtown, st. simons, pinstrikes, crashing at the surles house

The Girls Tennis Team: teagles, coach jaime, bus rides with coach wade, beating wesleyan, final four, brookstone’s cheer/dance, watching the boys at state, trying to hit Hannah, the mysterious coach randy; so many fun memories…thank y’all for the best three years i could’ve asked for!


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