Molly Groves

Hadley: cactus, i love molly, trey paul, the friendship video, our 5th grade fight, trio, fatz, St. Patty’s Day; Gracie: cactus, i love molly, baja, seussical; Kat: cactus, driving around, i love molly, NCL meetings, seussical, fatz, coke icee; Layne: SPDOM, NCL, horton, Idle Hour, Sandi-Marie, deck runners; Sammons: 10 years together, doodle’s rat, regan, da hood; Niya:  JV Vball, paid to be ur friend, rides to school; Kate: JV Vball; Caroline H: Tennessee softball camp, freedom park, mark & mindy, max, mrs. peggy; Elizabeth: da hood, deep talks, driving around, BK, when I hated you, dragging me out of the house, water balloons, best neighbor, real hitta, dance moves, being like a sister to me, 10 years together, being each other’s therapist, I expect many visits and I’m gonna miss you so much!!!; Raelen: basically being your chauffeur sophomore year, lax, no hands, “which girl now?”, spring break, the worst, sketch, mixed media, professional artist, goodwill, tuttie frutie, BK, I’ll miss you!!; MK: driving you EVERYWHERE, getting caught for everything, I know you’ll miss me deep down; Maimee: YL, WR, Mr. Ethridge, Mr. Free, 5th period; Autumn: MVP, my house being your second home, last year, driving around, milly crew, Athens, spring break, 10 points, train, speechless, goodwill, my love for softball, messy rooms, D, tattnall, Patty, dances, flat tire, chicky, yee haw, gatewood, can’t wait for you to visit all the time!! I love you!!!; Holly: frontier, Nathan, Amber, younglife, new house, BK, shell, eskimos; Grant: freshman year; JMO: basically living in treyburne, speechless, many visits to Athens!!; Christian: Zion Williamson, koda, “you must be QB1”, everything about basketball, bad ankles, pictures, chick-fil-a, marble slab, PIZZA, 10 points, spring break, the woah; Todd: barbs; Anna D: statesboro, mixed media, that one weekend, Patty Boy, “lemme drive the boat”, athens, schedule buddy, 4 more years, WIENER, I heard you got too lit last night, mama monica, one more time: STATESBORO; Devon: athens, FOJ, NCL, softball, last two left, SharpTop, BK, PDA; Nic: the long lost trio, 4 more years, hail southern baby, “where the girls at”; Sutton: drives, Nelson, T, Brant, car chase; Cole Dover: being my little brother, rides home, missing Tori, big b on a bike, spring break, I LOVE YOU!!!; Harrison: math, Taylor, Mr. Free; Hailey M: softball, MVP, crying everyday, love for Stratford, milly crew; Kiki: da hood, railroad tracks, walking into school, hype songs, baby kiki


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