Samantha Atkinson

McKay: QUEEN, cockroach, dance dinners, El Som, chez dep, Nutcracker, junior year baby prank, snacks, the men’s bathroom at the studio, BRF, matchington mansion, deep talks about literally everything, oooohh, daily hugs, how the turn tables, our corner in AP Lit, finsta posts, literally every jazz class at dance, Travis, the episode, all our dance performances, ohhh my goood, notes in AP Lit, AP Econ memories, constantly laughing at everything, that conversation at the MGYB retreat, literally every MGYB retreat, pineapple pizza, wallabies, the prom crisis, toenails, bust down

Molly: that picture from the DC trip, 6th grade,  Turkey Ball, Clif bars and Sadie’s, prom, El Som, facetimes to spill the tea, snack cakes, sharing my food with you every day, devil squares, you leaving me surprises in my locker, potatoes for my birthday, bear down, the blowup, chipmates, jalapeño pringles, manther, Deann Brookhouse, rivoli, tootsie rolls

Holland: cheer camp, self tanner, math class, sending you random dance videos, gone girl, devil squares, pranking McKay junior year, hail southern, APES, spray tans, the book club, apple sauce, “sorry forgot we do that”, solar eclipse with our middle school friends, SMU, that smoothie at DQ, Duke, world of dance, dead rat in a cracker let’s poke it!, french, cheese and crackers, pics on my bad side, teeth whitening

Hadley: honey bunch sugar pie, stupid!, APES, queen, got any fish?, cutie mode, orange peel mode, roll tide, straight 5’s in APES, relationship talks, skinny queen, peeling skin

Anna Parel: chuck and marley, el som dates, fries and queso, banana and jello, trips to dickey’s, adventures, cheer camp, dq runs, draco

Caroline: the muddy hill, hand dryer, freshman year spring break, lobster mode, go bears, cheese and crackers, naked mole rat, mason, homeroom, ingles, give me your food, screaming, off and on friendship

Alyssa: three chicks, study hall, wheezing, econ, Rascal, junior year halloween, homeroom

Marta: sammy poo, worm, queen, AP english junior year, crumbs, snacks

Maggie: dance in middle school, peter and the wolf, hotty toddy

Meggie: pat and paul mahiney, mini cheer camp 3rd grade, my longest friendship, poems, memes, Friends, late night convos, puggle and budgie, prom crisis, BTS, homeroom, late phone calls, tea

Cap: memes, your singing and dancing, the tape nails, your police outfit, T-bo, bagels

Kailey: pancakes, throwing my trash away in math, eagles nest, visits in the college office, hiccups

Kathryn: jimmy johns, go dawgs, Addam’s family, a star is born, calc class, croutons, roast beef, eagles nest, matchington mansion, happy color

Annika: dance mode, queen mode, awkward mode, fine arts day, the bug on the door, the garage, prom crisis, hugs, tea, candy at your house, contemporary tea

Sarah: queen mode, fine arts day, el som, tea, delirious rehearsal, ooooookay, the leg swivel, organizing the rhinestones, table football, aggressive, hugs, Addam’s family

Gracie: alex 2, cameron collier, corn dog, ohhhh my god, ooooo, our corner in AP Lit, chico and chang’s, fighting, pinching Mckay, your unique analysis in AP Lit, punching, hugs, poo poo soup

Vivian: aerobics, study hall, snacks, long lunch, accelerated chemistry

Harley Anne: dance, rides to MGYB, spilling the tea

Carter: sharing a room for 16 years, dance, emo mode, dance TEA, mazurka, God’s great dance floor, homeschool, singing in the car, billie eyelash, your choreo, fine arts day, petty, french, literally our entire lives, the next 4 years together, roll tide, go bulls, other people’s choreography in class, tap, FSU, SMU, yelling at each other in the car, the next minute crying to words fail, throwback songs



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