Betsy Hill

Betsy Hill

Karen Jarrard: freshly cut strawberries, yes master, buster ben, buck wild, pork rinds and sunshines, dwann, meet me in the elevator, mason, karem, nerak, tree house, eggs, she farted, take your shirt off, rolling, lake trips, binkey, rebel brown, jared, barn boy, how to tie a tie, Merr, were putting you up for adoption, bull ride, pellow, hector, luke bryan freshman year, it takes a sacrifice to have fun, Gabe’s, bons hommes, rudy, jacobe, rodeo, lunchroom fight, Anson, broken arm in washington, my spoon is too big, Mrs. Neville, luke get the inhaler, washington, tubing, broken wrist, pokémon fetish, tundra, adam, swim meet suspension, suessical the musical suspension, your short curled hair, passing your test, karen karen STOP, wiffle ball, ants, will chambless

Caroline Horn: jordan’s toothbrush, grahams toothbrush, are you the one, halsey, Salami, junior year halloween, krystal’s, senior new years, ex on the beach, fourth of july, brogens, velveeta, harry, charlie, jack, sydnie, wes, sunday morning waffle house, grahams, robs cabin, numb, snow day, curly hair, harry and charlie feud, the bird, flower petals, dylan, pooted, gabe’s jersey party, waffle house, sunday morning dr pepper, coke, svu, chick-fil-a, creepy old chicky worker,

Marta Stevenson: devan, naked and afraid, music midtown, pickpocketed, sophomore prom, let’s party, woww okay, sophomore year halloween, lifeguarding, sandy, burke, yearbook, moon taxi in atlanta, devin, highlands, porter, under the sink, billy, toomey, were 16 get out, shawn shizdatsHughes Pinson: my toothbrush, chicken biscuit thursdays, she farted she farted she farted, first kiss, luke bryan, washington dance competition, kankles, wesleyan drive, cutting your toe at emily’s, getting sunburnt at the river, wigs behind highlands, your eyes, falling at music midtown, “get him up” Hailey Mosley: coach sweeney, vaporize game, that gcsu trip were we became friends, mrs boswell, deep talks in math and film, stanley kubrick

Luke Haney : can crackin, yankee

Stetson Hatcher: Double dates, Hatch, IVP, Roll tide, chester, Kendall, country accent, Mellow mushroom waiter, buying all the time

Maimee Henderson: ice cream cone, pewdiepie, cheese sliding down, paper jam, japanese exchange students, loy & zane, joshy joo, pokémon go, kevin mcgean, moon taxi, bagel bites, basement, mr fred, waldon, 7th grade georgia game, keith, penny board, camp, gotta feed the cats, occupied, charlie and kevin fight, charlie and keith fight, waldon and jackson fight, chan’s underwear, love pillow, camp, will,

Charlie Giles: junior prom, chuka, wes, pigeon, cheese, lizards, screenshot fights, ripped pants, nutty buddy, golden egg letter, karen wanted poster fight, your irish gig, garage, cupcake

John Morgan Manley: purple dragons, sadies heals, twigs, strawberry wine, motor cyclist, mo bamba, duck head, daniel u better sell your magazines

Ellen Adams: yogurt purple, Demi Lovato, maryjane bonfin, shotgun, hit man

Katherine Hamilton: minecraft, mini bagels, scooby snacks, burlesque, marley, hunger games

Taylor Swan: roomies at cheer camp, box fans, bama
bound, red moon


James Michael: train me, finge, telepathy, turquoise, soccer games, my super speeder, ssi, when I ran out of gas, supernatural, impractical jokers, greys anatomy, crossy road, my tiffany necklace, mellow mushroom, freddy’s, coliseum, puravida bracelets, the whole month of december, tattnall football game, senior sadies, senior prom, cardboard, my stutter, endless rides, air pump, growl, piano, blaze, paper towels, i put my hands in your shirt, hot tub, coke, crying about college, golden egg, speeches, I love you


Kendall Simmons: spring break, your troll friends, double dates, finally getting a car, favorite sophomore girl

Josie Coleman: yakmore, Amelia, pasta salad, cheer, emma quintal, will forth, christmas dance sophomore year with gavin, jeffery’s with ames, pearl, cheese sticks, zoframe, shanking, washington, hey chan, selena gomez cup, Roxi, Alabama, drivers ed with coach pippin, hector, shanking, pineapple cakes, next four years, Mrs Hubbard, aaron I pooped my pants  

Drake Miscall: middle school iss, tattnall boys, crying over austin, introducing me to luke, basketball bus junior year, tattnall prom, new years sophomore year, wesley


Jonathan Siegel: betty, ride back from ssi, belize, clash of clans, pony boy, dropping karen by the pool


Emory Sutherland: sky zone, halloween 2018 & 2019, study hall trio, deep talks, belize, lead me, spring break bathing suit problem, ripped bottoms, jack, anna wearing your jeans, “your fat your fatter then me”, “emory they know, peanut butter boy, only person I told dillian about


Elizabeth Sellers: Tom, your swimming pool, jonathan, hughes, pointing out the window, dickey’s, ants in my car,


Josie Lamb: Prom group me, Emma’s plus one, perfect pike, charlie


Lillie Sweet: Andrew, the drive to Alabama, Dan and Shay, physiology, “cuteness”, hugging after every touchdown, gossiping during games

Jack Miscall : setting me and james up, stevie bs,


Will Fackler: confetti, rafa, zyrtec, maddie’s room, “the fight”, genesis, exodus, lavadicus, numbers, the dinosaur, third wheeling, our fight, valentine’s day, dry falls, keeping secrets, snap maps, your mom, david, your chain, tucker, tennis


Cole Devenny: Ellen, Spring break, “omg cole your hereeee”


Sophie Waldrop: Jeffery, your house, cheer, matching tops, charlie, you are so cute, claudia pope’s house, homecoming, spring break, maaji tops,


Evie Tharpe: Clifton, emily’s


Shorter McCook: Evans, dell is a troll,


Niya Dillard: beatbox, switch it up


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