Josie Coleman

Caroline– your house, my clothes, Braves Game, Fetty Wap concert, driving me everywhere, Cokes

Karen– Gabe’s treehouse, 9th grade, Nerak, always correcting me, the spring break garage, Michael, shanking, Hector, sharing the same birthday (basically), the calculator, every class together, Regan

Maimee– freshman year spring break, feathers, smallcakes, summer car rides, shoes thrown, waffle house, YoungLife, Regan, dates to every restaurant, art projects

Betsy- Alabama, hash browns, mac and cheese, sleepovers, Pin Strikes, jumping the fence at Jeffrey’s, drivers ed partners, english class sophomore year, cheese sticks, Christmas Dance sophomore year, baseball game trips, pizza rollsEmory– Fetty Wap, PreCal

Marta– Moose, homeroom, Dr Shubitz, Dr Stewart, yearbook

Lillie Sweet– cheer stunts, OrangeTheory, your coordination, trip to tuscaloosa, double dates, Griffin and Dylan

Evie– Olivia, cheer camp snacks, Orange Theory, Jeneane’s, you dating my cousin, always copying your shoes, Griffay

Dell– sophomore year homecoming, Roy in Calculus, Tiger Woods, the trophies, my keychain 
– car rides, fighting, that one beach trip, the surprise party, my grades, Ben Franklin, who is George Washington?, my stupidity, your common sense

Raelen– study hall

Ben J- prank calls, the light fixture on the fan at Sea Island, prom with Trish

Anna Durso– freshman year, ski trip, Mr Fred, Señora, middle school, ballet, cheer camp every single year, Lionel and Lucy, 3rd grade, Karena’s friendship bracelets, toes, secretary of the cheer

Luke– the boots, AP Econ, you being in love with me, golf

Marta– homeroom chats, fetty wap, Matchington Mansions

Drake- spring break, New Orleans Los Angeles

ML- that one night at your house in 9th grade

Waldon– lil ninja

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