Carson Dorsey

Stephen Grubb: You don’t even know your mascot. Go war tigers. Let me see.

Katherine Hamilton: Preston is mine.

Preston Brewer: Rage moments. PE workout partner. Genuinely though

Andrew Moring: Can’t lead the prayer ever again. no cap. In theory.

Maggie Fuchs: Muscle Magz

Noah Fenimore: “The boys are here!” “Anything for Noah’s boys!” Go Panthers

Savannah Hendricks: “something special.” “Ugala.” Give me Rebel. I only date you for your cats. While we’re on the subject, give me Sandy too. Nobody likes you. Lisa


Travis Cunningham: Priscilla is immortal. biggest Marvel nerd. a party for your birthday.

Alex Buehler: You’re my best friend buy me a car, a house, and pay for my tuition. KK. My toilet. Blex. Alex Juuler.

Riley Davis: Mr. Brown. Cheering on our favorite football player.

Hampton Tiller: Peeing on my couch. Spilling water.

Carter Barfield: War Eagle.

Abby Ellison: Rekindle the flame.

Lucas Brewer: CSGO. 15 minutes. 11Dakota. Show me

Coach Tyler Brown: 40 years old. Swirlies. I smell a loser

Gracie Bell: My real girlfriend.

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