Karen Jarrard

Booker T: hotubbing at Betty’s, lake trips, Yes Master, trying to take group pictures but never succeeding Maimee: checking the trash cans, meet me halfway, countless selfies, cornrows, jet ski rides, JG, Bohemian Rhapsody, Goodwill, tender moments, twins, meatless krystals, Sim Pat, Spongebob, juice boxes, our wedding, Pickle Barrel  Betsy: freshly cut strawberries, bull riding, NURAK, bagel bites, goose nips, MMITE, Wes, Moo Moo, horses, she farted, the wiffle ball, your adopted, running red lights, salt, Velveeta, eyebrows Caroline: our first date, Moo Moo, 4th of July, Fetty Wap, dancing in Charlie’s kitchen, Mount De Sales, Chick-fil-a, Veggie Tales, Merry Go Round, Jet Fuels, Mama Z, your stove top, my second mom Mindy,  Josie: Hectór, annual birthday trips, shanking, wall sit fight, MMITE, pineapple things, study hall, GGDB, pasta salad, your terrible driving  Hughes: flipping the jet ski, kankles, leaving you on the side of the road one night, Sunday tradition, NO NO NO NO NO  Charlie: Donna, Applebee’s, Dickey’s, CARRR, Sunday tradition, the golf course, your hoodies, when you and Hughes always dance on me, bull riding Ellen: black Friday, Wendy’s snack wraps, those old men that one time, forgetting you before school Drake: cooking Krystal’s in the restaurant, NOLA, Milly, missing at SB, Balloo, Fab Four Marta: Weagles, Zilla, onions, Shawn Shivdat’s, your spend the night bag, bucket hat Luke: the lake, Twiggs, Josie, pep club Jonathan: my broken back Waldon: our tender moments Jack: always third wheeling, that one time I thought you hated me, John Bickley Mary Lynes: those weird horse girls, Ed, pepperoni salad, your countertop, trying to keep Greg out of your room, your spend the night birthday party Freshmen year Raelen: Bk, please let me drive, leaving you every study hall, our hugs everyday Emory: Fetty Wap’s selfie, that day at the Fourth of July, Weagles, Paintball, Fab Four

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