Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton

Hadley Neal: the LSU v. UGA shirt, 7th grade, Work by Iggy Azalea, Fatz, Aux?, Sid from ice age, Michelle Belle Raphael, “yo mama let you date yet,” red lipstick in my valentino white bag, vine night, cops, Gucci Mane, horizontal, blood energy drink, bathtub, Applebee’s, the basement, Kaitlyn’s sweet lullaby, Nickelodeon Girls, wowzers, chicky?, who?, West Virginia, mike, woah did you go to Spain?, her cousin, in the chip bowl in your bed, making people cry, I will always be your co-hosts, who’s Rob?, night drives and litty music, basement parties, jello, the dunes, cacti in my feet, cactus, “honored,” lunch day, Music Midtown, will

Gracie Bell: 3D spherical earth, Spring Break 2017, Tabby Quarters, rip mrs. line, my pool house, late night drives, skatepark boys, parking deck boys, Emma Chamberlain, Dominos Robbery, “Wanna get a slushie,” W.G, blood energy drink, the midget, leafy, Kathy, bet, Edna, “ooo those shorts,” not talking for a few months at a time, our monthly hang out sesh, cactus, “I believe in miracles,” workout club at recess, Austin Elsasser, fighting over Micah, C on the R

Preston Brewer: Johnny, Donny, and Bob, jumpscares, statue, Ethan and Hila, countless posts on VSCO, rip that squirrel, stargazing, my roof, bowl cut, more than that, wait what’s up?, show me, unsolicited fortnite dancing, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, movies, surreal memes, hobby lobby anyone?, The Meg, cookie dough bites, you’re not allowed, that medow in Lizella, ice cream?, my house, medisin, “I have to see what the boys are doing,” cider only, thicco mode, no PDA mode, “in public, we’re just friends.”

Meggie Aivalotis: the basement, “the leaves are yellow”, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, if the sheets ain’t white, Henry Burns Park, angst, that New Years “Party”, Melanie, Victoria, freshman year, kitty and meggie back at it again, aesthetic, pong partners, the horses on Sanders, Dunkin Doughnuts Vanilla Iced Coffee with cream and sugar, burning trees, Dickins lol, pure, hanging with the seniors, grunge,

Kaitlyn Neel: would you rather, peppermint, 7th grade, amazing driving skills, “Katrine,” history seating arrangements, O’Hera, horizontal, blood energy drink, bathtub, the po po, Kathy, the jar you dropped at gracie’s, rolling down hills, any boy that’s not William, cancled, Mike

Riley Davis: “flaming crickets I’ve created a storm”, fun runs, skatepark pros, trains, “can we go for a run,” the santa claus slippers, that’s the way the cookie crumbles, NO, “ME!”, “A night we’ll never forget,” my son, see ya!, bathroom breaks, camels, the railroad tracks, hanging out before swim, deep KFC talks, youtube videos, mint, Virginia slimes, triangles, Marta Stevenson: Mark, the CIA agent’s son, it really do be like that sometimes, the porch, O’Hera, Juju,, 7th grade, mike,

Molly Groves: Yearbook squad, Fatz, golden jewels, “Pull up on Zeb,” “Post up at bk,” Ice Cream Twix bars, woah did you go to Spain?, cactus

Anna Parel: the banana, 7th grade, the movie we filmed at your house, three cheese dips, snack time, butt chip

Grey Faulkner: Bon Hommes, study hall study sessions, gucci shoes, one in each sock, magic school bus, the cop in the Joe D’s parking lot, you’re a jewel, Prom 2018, “It smells like vanilla back here,” mike, all the gucci,

Cap Patel: Intern Partner, “I have to go to my locker,” 3:17 sharp, locking the doors, stressing out, Algebra 2 bros, “sign me in,” “tell DLo i’m here”

Layne Davis: Reggie, blood energy drink, “do you have identification,” stolen gum, whip it, bathtub, “are we friends”, pee shoe, missing in action, Athens

Abby Ellison: gargle it, under the table, in the library, “A night we’ll never forget,” bathroom?, surprise!!!

Savannah Hendricks: deep convos at 7 am, “I love this school,” One Direction

Carson Dorsey: Gandhi?, neighbors, minecraft buddies

Noah Fenimore: screenshots, HORTON!

Maggie Fuchs: 15 year olds driving, cherry street hook, mods, Kathy

Hampton Tiller: are we friends?, yes Hamp, we are friends

Alex Buhler: mecha, drink the water please, throwing up?, deep convos at 7 am,

Stephen Grubb: wherever you are be all there, every class ever, shutting your laptop, a soundcloud icon, Icelandic water, “he’s from Iceland,” epic barbecue joints on Tom Hill

Travis Cunningham: FLIK pork, don’t choke dude, actually having to go to the ER, thanks for breaking my car genius

Carter Barfield: wot?, math, APES quizzes, CORTOR, roast sheets, “Do you have the roast sheet?”, College Algebra, Cortor Rood Borfoold

The Secreter Society: no more screenshots, “SHOW ME,” Children of God 2.0, “where are we eating,” CRAZY 8, “Okay.”

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