Marta Stevenson

Emory: trolls, rock climbing, stollen krystals and doritos, bikini shirts, a whole jar of pickles, eating my snacks, making each other be fat, absolutely, Jeffery’s computer, the dorito picture you hate, sleepovers, halloween 2017 you still owe me, bikini bottoms, lots of fights, minecraft shorts, face painting, porch time, Fetty, burning the towel, homeroom, aquafina, trolling you and jonathan, sour patch watermelon, eagles nest laffy taffy, strawberry slushies, two trolls on the cross country course, juice time, unbothered, Freaky Friday, the worst night of our lives, surprise club, making jello, gold smiley face, awkward mode all the time, y u no respond, ISS, Maddie Henderson, freshman study hall, Dexter, always being my roommate, our brief Fazoli’s obsession, Jake Edwards, when you left me at Jeffrey’s, eating the buttchip, your girlfriend from fetty

B.W. Fan Club: group shoot, golden girls, chinatown stack, that one easter picture, hunchback, inspirational facebook posts, being the woman in the relationship, pic collage edits, when he likes your pics on insta>>, best dressed superlative, working hard to satisfy her expensive taste, stratford’s amazon history

AJ: Beaners, Med, juicy remnants, so many times, Kjell

Claudia and Kendall: XC prayer

Q: qing it to em, the wink, your bed, my heart, special needs, pimple popper videos

David: david from stats

Holland: worm, matchington, dog poop, questionable stains, cheating in chemistry, david from stats, your driveway, regurgitated cheese stick, new tiled floors, wickersham brothers, ~ things you didn’t ask to know~, falling down the hill on the ski trip, kaitlyn’s birthday party, advice on literally everything, trash, burrowing, segment jacket, team worms, rescuing me from Jeffreys, piptoe through the tulips, sanders, Sadie’s dog treat pretzels, Adam’s pet Graham, worms like you, subway, losing zilla, Day of Matchington, awkwardly taking your picture in the science building hallway, kaitlyn’s intervention, soulja boy tell ems, boom snap clap, the ugly grey cheer uniform, taylor swift concerts, boom snap clap, y the l not, shallow, kaitlyn’s misspelled words, kathryn’s diseases, parks and recs t-shirts, roommate aids, what you will miss the most about Stratford, being called Martin at food bank, inviting a troll on the ski trip, when I told you Trash died but he didn’t, larvae in new york

McKay: queen, happy color, matchington, trolling you, italian lighter, road trip to eastman, smooth criminal, dylan quintal, roommates, the chairs in apes, key card, queening, movie nights, buffaloes trivia, team worms, making you uncomfortable, side ponytails, Day of Matchington, photo shoot in APES, distracting you in every class, the playlist, Travis, passing out, largest puddle of vomit I’ve ever seen, tempurpedic, sliding out of your seat, the cockroach story that changed your life, cool friends on the tennis team, when you told your parents you were “just talking”, your dad’s sadie hawkins night outfit, honor council hearings, too many illegal substances, cannibalism, queens in athens

Kaitlyn: f.c. designs, the pantry, bro time fun, trolling people, logan fink and paul kelly, y u no respond, shell necklaces, being blocked, kissing your mom, Harvard 2023, Rolland, esponge the frend, ford escape hair, don’t you wanna stay duet, porch time, clash of clans, boars head, family gatherings, pizza frisbee, trash, being stranded outside of jeffreys, New Years 2018, saying weird things at drive throughs, jenga box, your suitcase mountains, that time I thought Trash died but it was just the fish, Mr. O’Hera, annual robin oliver birthday texts, Mckay’s Ring, lacrosse manager, bad girl Ree Ree, dog poop in your kitchen, the awkward phase, Burr, Arby’s jalapeno poppers, being mean to Kathryn, Taylor Swift lyrics, passport picture, grok picture

Molly Griffin: gruffie buddies, team worms, molly gail, the guy who wasn’t David

Anna Parel: b, respecting women, yeahhhh Anders, bragg jam, that one picture from 8th grade, rescuing aj, your butt chip

Grey: b.w. fanclub, juju, bouncing Pip, what’s going on, no eagles nest, not having a meeting, gru from despicable me, pixar v disney

Betsy: let’s party, ble blu blah blu, juice the snail, trolls, long lunch, lead me, Billy, mask off, highlands, chinese man, sink, matching keychains,

Maimee: memaw, english shushes, your rings, movie romance, abraham lincoln’s house,

dino j, plug walk, dis knee dat knee, sunglasses at state, merge dragons

Caroline Horn: let’s party, go dawgs, walking to your house on the snow day, bag of vomit, almost neighbors, carrots

Karen: karem, ap euro, debit card picture

Josie: Vyom

Mitch: Mitchers and Moosers, complaining, track

Anna Grace: adding ers to the end of words, your special dream, trolling, all of our sports

Drake: touching your turf burn

Holly: 20 minute runs, hiding in the locker room, uti

Griffin: 4 dances, Kaitlyn’s birthday party, bonfire, pink tutu

Hadley: bruno mars, my wallet, poison ivy, abraham lincoln’s house, tech slam, fan club, computer science, duct manliness, schmeal, middle school, my birthday party in 7th grade, pasta salad, unrefrigerated meat, groking all the time, bokeh

Layne: moes burrito, moon taxi, indian mounds, pepe

Kathryn: Potts, your mom poisoning your smoothie, chipmunk

Sam: Pop a T, Regan, “What has Sam done for the past six weeks?”, computer science, “wouldn’t smash”, Mr. Mccue’s coffee, computer science round two at uga??

Gracie: gracers, captains, valentines day, dead fish, Tyler brown

Laxatives: chixwithstix2019, nicknames, conditioning days, locker room talks,1- 6 record, Q, memes, cross country course ptsd, being blocked on snapchat, our special needs teammate, Big Bill, party at Q’s


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