Ashlin Jackson

Devon: lunch table convos, sharing jamie, sleepovers, snap roasts, yl camp, sweet Ellie (diva), stratford football, 6th period study hall, starbucks, coffee every day, D, secret handshake, softball, Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinners, YourPie, moral advice, life lessons, Athens, Tay’s fav, red eye, failed plans, your parents <3, go bobcats, orange theory Autumn: everything joco, daily car rides, softball, AM, car wrecks, Avery, your room, freshman year state, JMA games, AP Bio, 8u, GSMS, Coach Vaughn, star drill, friend picture day, nerds for halloween, “DNA is all over the floor”, rusty red truck, hype harrington’s, Kacy, Luke, sleepovers, snap roasts, lunch table convos, racks blue, Jake Mary Lynes: lunch table convos, Athens, sleepovers, snap roasts, CB, V8s, great taste in music, double, borrowing clothes, go dogs but hate football, sporting events, horses, Reserve World Champ, Stormy, Kentucky, driving around, contemplating decisions, BEST advice, the Stratford Academy Hailey: lunch table convos, softball, sleepovers, 3rd base, my bat, BP with coach Brown, spring break, beach walks, golf cart cruisin, Up Up and Away Anna D.: lunch table convos, Hype Harrington’s Homeroom, LouisV, everything christmas, sleepovers, snap roasts, badaboho, Patty B, SSI, boat rides, spring break Molly G: MS softball, beach trips, trio mems, freshmen Villa Rica hotel room, Spain, Bragg Jam, SM, ND, PCB, “puberty was uneventful, you should’ve seen me in the 3rd grade”, emus, legendary Kesha, being burnt, trips to hoco, Mimi’s house, pome, spray tans, Crazy Rap, mollsballs, referees, failing 8th grade history, your personal lee mcd, yl camps Whitney: MS softball, Jenny, sticks, Landon, mom, Hadley’s 13th bday, spring break, pump it up, my 8th grade crush, diving in shorts, butterfly effect Hadley: sophomore year halloween, 8th grade math, beach trips, Krystal’s, trio mems, ripped sock, Only, “just because there’s a goalie doesn’t mean you can’t score”, VS, Little liquid, VALENTINE, Athens, Crazy Rap, PCB, “my mouth sets off metal detectors”, emus, inviting a stranger to birthday party, not being able to see, Mimi’s house, hadleyween Layne: english classes and videos, Chastity, Cassidy, George, Bragg Jam, nam, Luna, CN, hype Harrington’s homeroom, salt video, tennis star, joco football game, firepit, flip cup, Post Malone, concerts, handshake Emory S: Bragg Jam, Aquafina, guest house, Mimi’s house, “you’re my freaking bestfriend”, fire pit, flip cup, precal Meggie A: sophomore year halloween, random phone calls, track, boys, hugs Maimee: Momma solid, Hype Harrington’s, being late, freshmen bio, everything yl, Will Shiver Karen: discus, 7th period study hall, Señor Mclain, eagle nest, AJ & KJ Gracie: halloween, feeding me Krystal’s and doritos, hype harrington, M&M blanket, My Neck My Back, morning jams, lax god, shark costume, diving under beds, whistles, forever de sales, popcorn for lunch, yl camp Avery: my terrible driving, car wrecks, embarrassing you, tardies, my room and bed, fitlir, spanish, Bella, family dinners, Okaloosa, boat rides, super speeders, living w mom & dad, car jams, car naps, always sleeping, ranch hand vs car door, being the younger sibling, Jonesco, Wesley, Garrett, bunk house, personal chauffeur, Music Midtown, Gucci Mane, RIP Jess

Vivian: SPANISH!!, color changing case, Senorita Grisham, bilingual, aerobics (class of 3), Yoga, circuits, el som, Doctora Watson, stech, Amazon, lax god, lax unis, accel chem, drive to IVP, comprende? No, locker room, reading in spanish, las noticias, Josie: my golf skills, jonesco golf course, bus rides, precal Coach Bridges: 6th period party room, left corner naps, forgetting my tests in the lsc, forgetting key card, forgetting senior homeroom Caroline H: Aunt Ta, freshmen Villa Rica hotel room, Spanish with Ms. Grisham, stress hamster, annoying freshmen, failing 8th grade history, SSI, Seaside, fourth of july, Mimi’s house, flip cup Jamie: my personal bodyguard, Athens, John Michael, breaking and entering, climbing through windows, #3, jiller Bobby: freshman year Sadies, bobs, twin, Hype Harrington’s, Mississippi, stratford golf, breaking 100 Kaitlyn: discus, math classes, 7th period study hall with Señor Mclain, eagle nest trips, snacks in AP Lit, Coach Collins Nadia Reese: THE 3: region championship vs FPD, bug, softball, sleeping on the bus/anywhere, wilco Mitch: pump it up 1 2 3, stratford golf, bballer, pregame headphones, precal Alex S: always reminding me of the homework I didn’t do, study halls, Mr. Mclain, my daily chem and math tutor Softball Team: grey pants, tags, poles, locker room jams, freshmen walkout songs, coach brown’s home run swing strategy, communication drills, pump it up McCue Crew: whiteout, donuts, lollipops, upstairs of the library, the rest of highschool Hubbard’s Homies: the most loved homeroom, intriguing talks, Mrs. Hubbard <3, break snacks, the rest of highschool

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