Zuna Shabbir

Alex: “to the left,” your superpower, singing Hamilton in APUSH, “what’re you doing there, Alex?,” baby sloves, basically living in Mr. McClain’s room, wicked witch, cult leader, AP Bio, bucket of flowers

Vivian: CL, roommate struggles, picnics are a great way to save money, boba, Luna being rude, baymax handshake, you being the star of my videos

Sai: Bradley’s chicken (didn’t even say fanks though), precal help, “that does not bode well,” high heels, slater vs. casey, #13yearsstrong, sicko mode or mo bamba, being my only friend in kindergarten, inspirational whatsapp texts from our moms, kevin and john, peppa pig, zunzunwestcoast, uma/horsey roasting us, your three broken phones, the 2nd grade talent show, “Really Rahul?’ ‘Really Sonya,” Steven Lee the loml, cut off finger gang, asian people be like, Best of the Bunch

Chandani: too many tiktoks, got them new shoes, “Pooja what is this behavior?”, sl8er dms, sicko mode or mo bamba, michael rosen (noice), having a stalker, betrayed by Nandini, looking for a ~versatile~ girl, eyebrows by Kavita, tiktok addiction, welcome to pan n’ ice, Varli’s laugh

Reese: you thinking we’re still 12 years old, Michael B. Jordan, last minute prom dress alterations, ocean’s 6, “when are our parents going to pick us up?,” ‘squad’ in 8th grade, there’s a BEE??, french 4

Mckay: kiki do you love me?,  hugh jackman, oooohing on the streets of Paris, Roro, making the power go out, european PDA, gladiator queens, passive aggressiveness, travissick, breakfast on the hotel roof, too many gelato runs, “andiamo amici!”, ~free wifi~, bottoms up, the BEST Italian restaurant, finessing bruschetta, looking for a toilet in the Hermès store, Louvre tour guide making us admire her favorite statue, hiding the tiramisu evidence

Rania: our emo phase, coming up with choreo to twenty one pilots songs, I want it that way, TAKEN, page 12, RRRRania, the gladiator fight that I won, norwegians (halla!), metro boys, 65 years old…, running through the amsterdam airport, sketchy restaurants in Rome, save rock and roll at football games, #1 fren, zunzunwestcoast, the cannon drawing, pink shorts, Zunia and RanRan, my sister Graziella, allergy attack at the APPNA party, avenger adventures, Roro, one direction singalongs, “are you from India? Pakistan? What about Bangladesh?,” getting trapped in the bathroom, Enrique Iglesias

Holland: chanel lipstick, crying on the plane seven times, free wifi, apple > tiramisu, birthday flan, bella ciao, three babies on one plane, “$20 for you only!,” creepy gelato guy, scarf sellers, buying fake purses

Carter: cotton eye joe, c’est l’halloween, French Club co-presidents, intern probs, middle school ~squad~, Kendji, awkward mode, crossfit, Bastien, the Georgia Tech picture, passive aggressiveness, incest plot twists

Maggie: me being your therapist, your supernatural fan account, conversations on kik, wincest, 8th grade ~squad~, are these Js or Jordans, “where are we eating lunch today?,” photography queen, co-directing our movie, singing Hot n Cold on the trip to D.C., complaints about the lunchroom, FLIK food, the whole Great Expectations experience

Li-An: u wuz at the club, Mrs. Hubble’s lunch by tomorrow lunch, crying over Loki, coming to rant during intern, my tiktoks that aren’t actually tiktoks  

Zeraiz and Ahmed: unLOCKKKK, asoue references that Ahmed doesn’t get, GET IN THE CAR, soccer practice, you have to clean today, shmed.shabbir

Kailey: go CoCs, can you say…. magnetic? charismatic?, u wuz at the club

Gracie: Kenzie Ziegler

Arya: precal struggles, our favorite desi couples, P-Chris fan club

Stephen: gas pedal, GCPD, listening to fall out boy in middle school

Lucas: chemistry, what socks are you wearing today, parachuting sloths, Sherlock is dead, me being a better gladiator than you, flamma and dilfa, do you need something?

Lakey: you don’t know how to read, Zanu or Nazu

Aaron: le français ne facile pas

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