Anna Parel

Mary Lynes: flik cake, ohara, blake, we are dating, dumbo, your hate for underclassmen, sleepover+your house, babysitter, ATHENS, much ado about nothing movie, alien free, mrs.waters, eagles nest everyday, the casserole shop, the tennis shop, marco, wendy’s after prom, garret, your love for my parents, track meet, lil baby, fetty, music midtown, spring break, ibis cottage, applebees, journalism, accelerated english, “computers are banned in this class”, your exchange student

Hadley: womb twin, loner queen, omegle, middle school boy sense of humor, anna hate club, it’s sir its 11:28, wc, “wanna start a streak”, sweet tea, hand motions, el som dates, strawberry, high school musical, office building, duct tape manliness, cheer bus rides, where’s the chapstick, aut speaks, that boy that ran down the hall that one time, christian tinkey, 7th grade, the way I say accept, Bon Bon, charlie and hazel, cheer camp, mr.ethridge, neighbors

Caroline Cole: The worst, English and APUSH text convos, getting lost otw to your house, sleepovers on a school night, cookies in mugs, sausage party, your handwriting, petty group message, waho dates, your ex’s clothes, bucket o donuts, I’m goin down, where’s the chapstick, jello, 4th jonas brother, jam sessions, do I, cheer camp, shakeem, Hannah Montana, McDonald’s, two fingers, ethics, FOJ dates, JC x2, wes’s bday, boys

Layne: workouts, sandi marie, seussical the musical, car rides with my “grandma”, post malone, snail, throwing up, tourettes

Holland: shakeem, that justin bieber bracelet I bought on your amazon, worm, long lunches, piggy pimento, your voice sucks, 3C

Meggie: Pat n Paul, getting lost in holocaust, my ribbons, crying in school bathrooms, walkers car: “just cover it with a towel it’s fine”, workouts, AMSTAR

Sutton: my birthday, spiders, black hoodies and sunglasses, yes indeed, sonic 11:30, belks, november 27th, mr. mcclain, RUDE, getting lost at barrington, maseratis, borrowing clothes, tests from kroger, old town road

Scotty: old town road, your dogs

Cap: big zax sack, jacobsardaddy, facetime talks, i cant tell u now, me yelling at you like every week, susan lolis, you always calling the shots, little red riding hood, knee, your mom, peaches, water bottle… oops, journalism

Samantha Atkinson: Shakeem, Draco, Chuck n Marley, Cheese dip dates, Summer drives, Artsy pics, Insta advice, Banana, jello, life updates, Honda crvs

Whitney: bragg jam, ibis cottage, the shark cave, boolin, our dancing, lil baby, uber drivers, applebees, charlie and peter, pater, dance videos, that time I rolled your window down, idle hour jobs, music midtown, the time you were on my shoulders, our lost shoes, bk, walking barefoot for 7 miles, our bowling date that never happened, milly rock

Kaitlyn Neel: SNACK TIME, 7th grade, spontaneous music midtown trips, spelling disability, journalism field trips, granite, hitman

Marta: liz ef, b&m, it really do be like that sometimes, aimee grisham, 7th grade, buttchip, snacktime, Bon Bon and John John, respect women, duct tape manliness, being moms at bragg jam

Cole Dover: joco, awkward stages, facetime, panda, hoodies, callie, toe cramps, 650, 23rd, ben dover, yeast, old texas roadhouse, ilene dover, heely point, 3 fingers, bird box, dave, shameless, ashley’s veins, broken phone in zaxby’s, car rides, twinkle toes

Andrew Delves: anna hate club, hawaii, the office, vines, speeding, neck yourself, aut speaks, math class, patrick, waffle house

Ashley Parel: ur mom, it’s okay I didn’t need that leg, ~late night videos~, d driver, spice my thighs, awkward, chorky, corvel, operation like game, family events, fans, high school musical bad lip reading, the piano, grayson and ethan, john cena, wii, woody, shley_fanpage, felt cute in this might delete later, dangit brought my grill for nothing, wink, catholic, gospel had me weak, mario kart, uncomfy, hey victor, dave, veins, brady

McKay Powers: chocolate factory

Bonnie Sherwood: youth rides, your parking, dating, movie date soon ;)), our private story, exodus

Will Chambless: prom and sadie’s, c in groupme, hand motions

Grant Gordon: Granite, journalism squa, vlog

Mary Elaine: journalism squa, vlog, Granite

Will Baxley: neighbors

Graham Hefner: neighbors

Nate Jones: spring break 2019

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