Science news affects us in so many ways, but many people get so caught in the other news that they forget to check what is happening in the science world. In my weekly science feature in the Gazebo, I hope to show people the relevance of science news. 

December 20, 2019

Absolute zero absolutely adds up

During everyone’s sophomore year of high school, they learn about absolute zero. 

Absolute zero is defined as the temperature in which all molecular movement ceases. It is equal to 0 degrees on the kelvin scale and -273 degrees in celsius.

Recently, a scientist named Kang – Kuen Ni was able to force two molecules to react with each other by reaching temperatures extremely close to absolute zero. 

This allowed scientists for the first time to witness the reaction taking place. 

This could allow them to invent new things or find ways to conserve energy. 


Lithium: An element that keeps us charged

When people think of important elements, they normally think of oxygen or carbon. 

However, lithium is important for many everyday items and allowed three scientists to win the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. 

These men — John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Wittingham, and Akira Yoshino — created a battery that is rechargeable and gets its energy from natural resources such as sunlight and wind. 

Because electrons move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode, batteries store electrical energy and make a current that can power anything from a car to a flashlight. These are used for electric cars like Teslas. 

In addition to forming an important kind of battery, Lithium helps maintain a smooth texture in lotion and is used to help people with bipolar disorder. 


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