Azeem Fazal

Tomi Sogadae: Wendy’s Strawberry Lemonade Catastrophe, The Trusty Jeep, Tyler the Creator, Chafe Counterpart, Get A Grammy, Get Ya Money Not Up Not Ya Funny Up, Black Lightning, Varsity Bench Cruisin’, Match Boys in Bio, Almost getting Suspended, You tryna do what with Lil Nas?, Zackbee Boneless Wings, How Chair doin?, Cornebread Alter Ego, Cornebread’s Special, Ooo Babyy, Jollof Rice be hittin different, Ogreaggresive,  Popeyes > Chick-Fil-A confirmed, Stop drinking all the Sprite, Sea Island movements with Chid, Nimslo Camera Magic God, Pulling thru my garage door like you own the bih, Didier Drogba, Trash McDonalds Service, Raiding my pantry, Ahmad White, I’m not white, Stanford Fashion Designer, Imma need that merch doe, Italians doe, champion Dog Whisperer, You Can Still Get This Work in BF1, and MPR for life. Chidozie Nwabuebo: Chid, Chiddy, Chiddy Bang Bang, Snoop Dogg, Spanish Partner since Gordillo, LMAO how O’Neil doin?, Chelsea still Trash, Fried Plantains lmaoo, Jerk Chicken, FRQ Savior and Saint, That Cheek bit? Fr?, Mercer Pool > Macon Swim, no doubt, Swimming can rot, Ruckus Reincarnated, Dune …., Sand .….., Terri, Wacki …., YEE-HAW, Whatchu know bout dat?, Bananas?, Start swingin vines, Shutdown Defense, Give Bacon a Poisoned Baconator, 2014 Forest Hills Drive doo doo, Liverpool Jaguars, Wilkin off the pack, A Harvard Gentleman, Racist Cousins, Akeem is a prime ……,  ISIL Strike Inbound, blocking in the Accord, and MPR for life. Sean Malhotra: Overwatch partner-in-crime, Coming back into the hotel rooms with no goods, Late-Night Facetime Calls, Kicking people out, Nerd ropes, the one trip up to Atl, Projectile Vomiting of Blood, Objective Time > KD?, Skyblock Empire otw, Romeo & Juliet Film-makers, (Grocery) Carts coming soon dw, Double plat don’t mean anything, Vibing to Travis Scott, J. Christopher and Olive Garden w/ Fouz, I didn’t blush that one time, and MPR for life. Ruzan Khoja: BERLEEZY, That one Phineas and Ferb Roast, Gotta see a Redzone Practice ong, Meetup with Rimon and Bhanwadia?, Taki Challenge, Still beating you in pool, Building Blanket Fort Networks, Long Bus Rides Home Blasting Yeezy, ATL Datenight with Aman, Did we really see Earle and Kallay race that night?, NAIMUN Hotel Room, Pimpin’ money back, Primerica, Booking it to IHOP at 5 in the morning w/ Sean and getting the phone call from your mom otw back, Trap God, and MPR for Life. Zeraiz Shabbir: Sherpa, My partner since the 2nd grade on the Burton Block, Sunday School at ICMG dawg, Twix Bars as gifts, LEGO Avengers on PS4, Banana and Nutella Crepes, Laughing so hard in sujood we break our prayer, Copying AwesomeSauceMan5, Childish Gambino, Sweatpants, Spooky haircut, How many French bro?, coolminecraftgamer shenanigans, Lethal Skype Roasts, Doctor Who servers, Sitting on your leg in the hospital, Swedish Fish, and MPR. Akshar Patel: McCue Code Plug, Unproblematic King, 10 ft. Wingspan, Throwing Tomi around in the back of the whip, and the famous Pizza and Apple Juice!!! Ayaan Fazal: Stop screaming so loud, Thanks for breaking my controller, you’re an ok brother, I know you’re gonna miss me. Darius Tamale: DO WE PAY FOR …..?, NO SIR!, THIS IS GOSHA!, Durag Darius at Augusta, Nic Baby, Travis Scott leaks till we die, and MPR for life. Victor Irby: Speaking cartinese, A$AP Rocky, and Is that a perm?

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