Holly Hunt

Caroline S.– back of the bus, always out of the locker room last, Sadie’s 2018, basketball, taking care of Em for me next year. Emily- making you late, crying at the move up ceremony last year, crying when you don’t get your way, calculating how much time it will take to get to school to see if we can go to CFA, tik toks, belly dancing, bible study at 6 a.m. every morning, Gracie’s house, late night phone calls of you crying, being your mother, basketball, lacrosse, track Mitch- Latin class, celebrating my only A, team dinners Nadia- freshman year best friend Sutton- your week of tears, iss, bust down Mr. O’Hara, bathroom sink Todd- ping pong, 4 page letter, sutton Nick- never have I ever, freshman year love, lake house Q- you have my heart John- always paying for your meals, driving me around, 3rd period study hall, Liz and I being your favorites, always being in trouble, boys boys boys, my scar, always texting, Wyatt, life is a highway, the love you have for me Elizabeth- always going to the bathroom, national day of prayer, young life, fo fo gang, let’s be blobs, never driving, bk, getting hit with the basketball and “breaking your sternum” or “”hurting your foot”, BLOCKBUSTER, Reid wilson. Claudia- every day of the summer, idle hour ice, senior boys, freshmen boys, Walgreens, back of bk Raelen- the ~process~, eagles nest, “jjjp”, plan’s, bk, lax couple Taylor- Tayter, math classes, “I just don’t like that..”, best study hall ever, Jim & Pam Ellen- always late, “worst day ever”, almost punching lil, aggressive driving, constant rap/turn up music, non stop paragraphs, over thinking everything, breakfast club, music midtown boy, September and Let’s Groove Lil- our talks about our boys, being the cutest thing in the whole world, snuggles and aggressive hugs. Ben- FK Will Baxley- bax, homeroom, no spaghetti, Ben, peeing in the pool, bk, junior summer, b-ball, swollen elbows Josie- dominos, music midtown, tik toks, shooting, get up bum, head first into the wall, trouble in paradise SK- “don’t you think he’s cute?”, being your matchmaker, JEFE Nate- New Years call, statesboro call, 3rd period Study hall, belting Luke Combs, hannahs, our song, constant rants Lax team: Q’s, Lila acting like a mother, Gracie’s harassment, Stu, uti, Samiya throwing it back, Carson’s grind. Hall- broken hip Jackie Meds- nick Crick twins- I will forever be your mother. Pos- my love for you School drama- THE LETTER, private snap, vaping scandals, Todd, corona Sexy 7- Lake house, harry’s, music midtown, rip spring break, Ellen’s nonstop paragraphs, derping, Elizabeth dropping her towel


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