Sutton Barrow

Scotty Kelly: idle hour side of the road, milking, driving my car, SNAKES, “tooties”

Holly Hunt: skip, ISS, barrington hall, franny, gross truck, babysitting, silver bag, messy room, amelia island, my room, grounded, two times, squeak squeak, eve, stick, egg yolk, 45 mins lol, jim eye check, scary roads, 6am hartley bridge school night, bust down mr. o’hara, bathroom sink 

Will Baxley: if I had a- , Hollys porch, handshakes, bk whoppers, educational talks, Mia -, Upside down, through the window, hamburger “blown up”, 

Hall Buice: the texas chainsaw massacre, creepy person outside, life flashes, ground zero, car rides, silly string, intern, stick, uber, ditch, scary road, “DEER”,  pink pants, which which

Raelen Jones: silly string, algebra

Elizabeth Sellers: bk pass out

Dell Sikes: happy birthday (feliz cumpleaños), marvins room, summer 

Nate Jones: taste (feat. offset), heater 

Cole Dover: Chocolate almonds, yelling out the window, bff, “poo-map”, deers, 

Bonnie: hallway chases

Gracie P: Atlanta, cans, 3am, Monday, yaya, 

Nate S: congo, kahoona

Nick: ICE, “sha” for ouche 

David Grant: nicks nickname “sha” for ouche

Carson Chambless: “that’s beautiful”, adhd, map, 

Ann Marie: warner robins, plantations

Wyatt Morehead: new years 2019, 

Todd Battcher: car door, “i see red”, spirits, dingo “don’t touch this”, parallel injunuity, train tracks, bank, sophomore year, ping pong, mj’s house, “y’all didn’t have to recreate it”, red lights, monday, 

Kamber: art, hugs

Ellen: the bat 

Graham Hefner: sophomore year window, walks


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