Price Lee

Jenny Belle Butler: Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, dance parties, and hornet car rides

Susan Hightower: AP Calculus and locking you out of your car at the Kroger gas station

Liza Boswell: AP Statistics and tennis

Anna Grace Grossnickle: cluelessness in AP Spanish and dog attacks

Abby Ellison: AP Biology commentary

Matt Newberry: Rant sessions and facetime calls for physics, spanish, and college decisions

Riley Davis: Lane buddies at swim Macon and gibberish conversations

Molly Garud: Weekend hikes and as much ice cream as you can eat!

Carter Eddlemon, Samuel Barrow, and Jenny Belle Butler: Bowling!

Will Deal: head scratches and physics zoom alerts

Hampton Tiller, Ben Duke, Kieran MacKinnon, and Ruzan Khoja: towing my car out of Ben’s front yard in the rain

Nadia Reese: “ugh! It’s Nadia!” and “Nadia’s the worst!”

Tommy Sachy: 4th period intern and tax-evasive marriages


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