Mask policy proving effective

September 6, 2020

One of the new policies requires all students from third grade to 12th grade to wear masks. Students cannot have any design on their masks. Only plain colors are allowed. People who forget their mask can go to Upper School Administrator Mrs. Robin Schorr’s office to receive a new mask.

Freshman Suhani Viradia believes the mask policy is necessary.

Freshman Suhani Viradia

“The masks protect both others and ourselves,’’ she said. “It is sometimes difficult to wear masks during class since it gets really uncomfortable, but I understand why we do it.” 

Suhani considers the mask policy “very effective,” and said she would not change anything about it.

“I think the students have been very compliant in general with it [the mask policy],’’ Head of Upper School Mrs. Theresa Ferrari said. 

Mrs. Ferrari said when she catches a student wearing their mask down multiple times, the school will switch that student to distance learning if they do not start complying with the mask policy after several warnings. 

Masks are for sale at the Eagle Nest.

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