Name: Lolly McMahon

Nickname: Lolly technically since it’s not her real name.

Senior Bucket List: Finish with all A’s, beat FPD, and try every food in the eagle’s nest.

Unknown fact : She is a big fan of history and she likes shows that are historically based.

Best quality : She has been told she gives really good advice. She thinks she’s very genuine and honest.

Biggest fear: Not traveling the world and missing out on all it has to offer.

Favorite Stratford memory: Her sophomore year chemistry class.

Most embarrassing moment: She received an award as an eighth grader for honor’s day but they forgot to give it to her then so they had to give it to her in one of the very first monday morning assemblies of my sophomore year. She had to get on the stage and get a middle school award.

Restaurants : Fast food is Wendy’s because she loves “four for fours” and for nice restaurants, Circa because she loves their sushi.

Season: She likes the time we’re in right now between fall and winter when it’s not too hot or not too cold.

Social Media : Tiktok

Clothes : Skirts, she owns a lot of them.

Morning or night : Night person definitely, if you talk to her before 10 am, he expects she will be in a bad mood.

Smile: Animals, she loves all animals. She wants to be a vet or something to do with animals.

Annoys you: Smacking when people eat or when anyone turns every scenario negative.

Vaccine: Cancer because it’s taken so many lives that didn’t deserve to get taken.

Saying: “Keep your head up and keep your love” from her favorite song, “Stubborn Love” by the Lumineers.


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